Countering Terrorist Attacks with Droneshield\u2019s World-Class Technology
    • Last updated November 16, 2021
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Countering Terrorist Attacks with Droneshield’s World-Class Technology

Posted By Phillipes henry     November 16, 2021    


The presence of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has been drawing much of the public’s security concerns. One would definitely wonder about how on earth could  these UAS be flying over crowds or commercial venues for no reason. The loose counterdrone laws and regulations add up to the worries. However, amidst the security and privacy threats of these illegally planted UAS, Droneshield provides tangible solutions. With its world-class counterdrone technology, safety is guaranteed.


As it may be known to all, terrorists are likely to attack crowded places such as commercial venues, stadiums or even closed spaces such as the prison cells, planes or airports. With the height of technology, UAS have been their partners for an easier job. Counterdrone protection is badly needed for threats like this, or perhaps a sturdy counterdrone defense.


One susceptible place for terrorists to attack are stadiums which are widely used for big sporting events or concerts. To prevent this, Droneshield can help in building counterdrone stadiums with the installation of a world-class C-UAS technology. Counterdrone stadiums are more secure for players, performers, spectators and the like. Thanks to Droneshield’s easy-to-integrate C-UAS technology that provides complete counterdrone protection.


Prisons are closed places where terrorists may also attack. Because of this, prisons need C-UAS prisons systems that may disrupt UAS. Droneshield’s C-UAS prisons system can analyse multiple feeds at the same time.


Another popular terrorist site could be the airport. To fully secure the safety and privacy of the individuals here, C-UAS airports systems play a vital role. It employs a C-UAS AI system that provides real time information and security in Antidrone airports. Airports gain complete security from Droneshield with its C-UAS airports system’s detection, integration,awareness, recording and mitigation technology. Antidrone airports have been equipped with the C-UAS AI technology for complete drone defense.


Droneshield provides counterdrone defense and moreso, total drone defense backed by its electronic warfare and AI capabilities. Our artificial intelligence and electronic warfare capabilities have been applied by our military customers to counter terrorist attacks and for application into the modern battlefield.