The Downsides Of Drones Outweigh The Benefits- A Myth
    • Last updated December 26, 2021
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The Downsides Of Drones Outweigh The Benefits- A Myth

Posted By Phillipes henry     December 26, 2021    


The height of technology has brought countless benefits to humankind. However alongside its benefits are the downsides associated with its misuse. 

Just like any type of technology, drones too can be misused. Examples of their misuse could include causing disruption to other neutral aircrafts. As of today, news has reported several unmanned aircraft systems flying everywhere. Reports have confirmed some drones have been misused to spy on target public areas to cause disruptions. They have been targeting crowded places such as stadiums, concert halls and even airports. Counter Drones have actually evolved due to these drone misuses. Since airports are among those that have been frequently targeted, antidrone airports came into existence. 

C-UAS airports have become functional in Australia since the year 2019. Drone-related disruptions on airports have triggered the presence of these C-UAS airports. To detect suspicious rogue drones that might cause disruptions to flights or awaiting passengers, antidrone airports are embedded with C-UAS AI. Aside from the C-UAS AI detection, part of the drone defense is to cut the rogue drone’s signal to its source and take it down to the ground. 

Another misuse of drones relates to enabling other criminal activities specially inside the prison cells. An example is flying contrabands into prison cells. To counter this drone downside caused by drone misuse, prison facilities have been upgraded to C-UAS prisons. C-UAS prisons do not only detect suspicious drones that fly inside the prisons, it can also take them down and even track where the signal from these rogue drones are coming from. 

Some other drones were also misused for the purpose of invading the privacy of people by filming them without permission. Others also facilitate physical or cyber-attacks using drones. 

In the warfare industry, drones have been used to provide logistics support to soldiers who are either on the battlefield or training in areas that are hard to access. Electronic warfare is now on the roll and soon, we’ll come into the robotic age. With electronic warfare, few military civilians will be deployed which could mean few human casualties. However, the threat goes unto massive building and large physical casualties. This evidently proves that beyond the downsides of drones are its benefits. 

Though rampant misuse of drones have been flaunting one by one, counter drones are given birth for drone defense and public safety. These counterdrones are designed to cut off drone misuse whilst protecting the environment and humankind.

What is most important is to put appropriate frameworks in place. This will ensure that drones are operated appropriately and responsibly. In doing so, however, we shouldn’t lose sight of the long list of benefits provided by drones. 

Drones can provide vital support in many different scenarios. Usage ranges from search and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring and firefighting, to personal drones and business drone-based photography, as well as videography, agriculture and even delivery services. Drones still have a very long list of benefits. As innovators continue to create and improve drone usage and features, we can always outweigh the downsides of drones with its benefits.