The Energy of Dc Freezer Exporter

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The Energy of Dc Freezer Exporter

Posted By bai ling     November 30, 2021    


DC Freezer Exporter's solar appliances use photovoltaic conversion devices to convert solar energy into electrical energy, and then use them to drive semiconductor refrigeration systems or conventional compression refrigeration systems to achieve refrigeration, namely photoelectric semiconductor refrigeration and photoelectric compression refrigeration. The premise of this cooling method is to convert solar energy into electrical energy. The key is photoelectric conversion technology, which must use photoelectric conversion receivers, namely photovoltaic cells. Its working principle is the photovoltaic effect.

Solar thermal conversion refrigeration first converts solar energy into thermal energy, and then uses thermal energy as external compensation to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Light-to-heat conversion mainly realizes refrigeration from the following aspects, namely solar absorption refrigeration, solar adsorption refrigeration, solar dehumidification refrigeration, solar vapor compression refrigeration and solar steam jet refrigeration. Among them, solar absorption refrigeration has entered the application stage, and solar absorption refrigeration is still in the experimental research stage.

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