How Much Tylenol Do I Give My 2 Month Old After Shots \u2013 Dosage Charts
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How Much Tylenol Do I Give My 2 Month Old After Shots – Dosage Charts

Posted By safrel safrel     December 2, 2021    


Tylenol is an excellent medication for headaches, common cold, moderate pain, toothache, and fever. Tylenol contains acetaminophen that can help during the above medical conditions.
For infants, these cheery flavored Dye Free Tylenol is very popular among most mothers. Any child might need extra care and love after getting vaccinated. Most of the mothers use Dye Free Tylenol for these kinds of situations.
What Can Happen to Your 2 Month Old After Vaccinated
For two months old infants, vaccination can cause different reactions than the other older kids. So, it would help if you were very careful to understand the symptoms and act accordingly at times like that. Here are some things you should look after as a mother.
  • Your child might have increased fever
  • The child might get fussy after the shot
  • Sometimes child's arm or leg is hot, swollen, and red
  • The child seems to be very sick
Most of the times above situation can occur due to the vaccination. With Dye Free Tylenol, you can quickly get rid of the above conditions. But, first, you need to know not to overdose the child. Overdosing can lead to some serious outcomes for infants. So, you must be careful whenever you give Dye-Free Tylenol to your two months old child. Also, it would be best if you never gave your two-month-old child any Tylenol without the advice of professional healthcare.
Recommended Dose of Tylenol for Kids
Recommended dosage can change according to the age and weight of the child. Here is some helpful information about the recommended Tylenol dosage for kids.

Child’s Age

Child’s Weight

Liquid dosage

Chewable 160mg tablets

0 - 3 months

6 – 11 pounds

Advised dose*


4 - 11 months

12 – 17 pounds

2.5 mL


12 - 23 months

18 – 23 pounds

3.75 ml


2 - 3 years

24 – 35 pounds

5 mL

1 tablet

4 - 5 years

36 – 47 pounds

7.5 mL

1.5 tablet

6 - 8 years

48 – 59 pounds

10 mL

2 tablet

9 - 10 years

60 – 71 pounds

12.5 mL

2.5 tablet

11  years

72 – 95 pounds

15 mL

3 tablet

As you can understand from the table, if you give any Dye-Free Tylenol to your 2-month-old child, you should get advice from a healthcare professional.
How to Prevent Overdose
If you accidentally overdose on medication, it could be fatal for infants. Here are some steps to prevent any overdosing.
  • This medication should be given only five times in 24 hours. Also, it should follow 4-6 hours' intervals.
  • While your child is on Tylenol, you shouldnot give other medication for cold or cough. This will cause an overdose from that two medicines. Most often, cold medicines contain ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
Wrap Up
For your two months old child,Dye Free Tylenol is an excellent medication. But, always remember to use it after the approval by a health care professional. And if you get the consent, never overdose your child with Tylenol. The result will not be fruitful.
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