Best Ways to Consume THC

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Best Ways to Consume THC

Posted By Lee Wood     December 2, 2021    


The best way of consuming THC depends on the purpose and effect you want from THC.

There are several ways to consume THC, which is usually through inhaling or ingesting it. However, there are other options too.


Smoking marijuana is one of the most traditional and quickest ways to enjoy the effects and benefits of THC. Through inhalation, THC enters the bloodstream via the lungs. Once THC is in the circulatory system, it’s a matter of a couple of seconds before the brain begins to feel its effects.

With smoking, you have a choice of joints, blunts, pipes, bowls, bongs, bubblers, or dabs (butane hash oil or BTO). Joints and blunts are wrapped in paper, but blunts are considerably larger. Pipes and bowls provide a compact way to enjoy THC. Bongs and bubblers are a fun way to smoke while experiencing a cool effect in the lungs. Bubblers are like bongs, but they’re small enough to fit in a pocket. Dabs provide a quicker way to get THC into your system. It also provides a purer form of THC.

Vaporizing (through the use of THC vapes or vape pens) is similar to smoking because you inhale the vapes, but there is a difference too. Instead of lighting your chosen substance, vaping involves heating rather than burning so that it does not irritate the lungs and throat. Vape pens are easy to carry around. Oils used in vape pens can contain up to 80 percent THC too. To learn more about THC vapes, click here.

You can vape dabs, marijuana, oil, use Thai sticks (skewed buds that are rolled in THC oil and wrapped in a mariuana leaf) or moon rocks (a combination of honey oil, whole marijuana buds and kief that is smoked in tiny pieces).


You can always eat or drink your THC in a variety of ways. It takes longer to feel the effects than with smoking or vaping, but the effect is stronger. It can take up to 30 minutes to feel anything, but this feeling will continue to build up to two hours later. However, you could experience THC for up to six hours later. Whether you want tea, butter, oil, brownies and other beverages or foods, you can ingest your THC in your food and beverages. However, you can also enjoy sprays, dissolvable strips, capsules and tinctures.

Choose the Best Way to Enjoy THC

There are many other ways to feel your THC on another level with patches, creams or lotions. Topical solutions of THC and CBD can help to relieve pain and inflammation. Whether you’re looking for THC vapes, cream with both THC and CBD or something to nibble on, search Las Vegas Releaf’s selection of products.

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