Does Drip Tape need to be buried?

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Does Drip Tape need to be buried?

Posted By think waternz     December 14, 2021    


The short answer is yes. When we think of drip irrigation we typically think of above ground emitters dripping water onto the ground at the base of a plant. While this approach works very well, its effectiveness is limited in areas where there is a lot of runoff or evaporation. Drip tape is a product that has been developed to address these problems with the drip tape New Zealand being installed underground and delivering water to the roots of the plant. The use of drip tape for irrigation is especially prevalent in New Zealand and market gardens around Auckland.




Product Description

There are many different types of drip tape and many manufacturers. All drip tape typically has built-in spaced outlets that allow the water to be delivered to the roots of the plants. This requires the drip tape to be buried. Challenges with clogging and root invasion have led to some innovative designs.


For example:

The Rivulus Ro-Drip Drip Tape is a popular product in horticultural applications in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.


This type of drip tape has a unique expanding flow path that expands with increased water pressure, allowing water to flow out when the tap is on. When the tap is turned off and water pressure decreases, the opening closes up again to prevent soil and roots from getting into the drip tape. The flow channel also expands under pressure which helps expel foreign particles and prevent blockages.


Crop use

Drip tape in New Zealand is commonly used to irrigate crops such as tomatoes, pineapples, watermelon and kiwi fruit. It is typically used in many market garden applications around Auckland.


Efficiency Evaluation

To make a decision about which type of drip tape to use you need to understand your water source and its pressure. You also need to understand the crop you are planting, in particular the optimal spacing required between plants. There are many types of drip tape used in New Zealand which cater for these variations. Your local drip tape supplier will be able to help you work out the most efficient type of drip tape for your crop.


Drip Tape Manufacturers

Rivulus is a trusted manufacturer of drip tape. Their products are distributed through accredited wholesalers who can offer the necessary technical support, including design of irrigation systems, installation advice and service as well as supplying all the irrigation equipment related to drip tape installation. Your local supplier of drip tape Auckland will be able to offer you options from many reputable brands.


Drip Tape Suppliers

There are many drip tape suppliers throughout Auckland and New Zealand due to the popularity of drip tape in the horticulture industry. Think Water has a network of suppliers right throughout New Zealand including its Auckland store which supplies drip tape to the market garden sector.


You can find Think Water in Auckland at


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