What to plan when installing a rainwater tank In New Zealand?

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What to plan when installing a rainwater tank In New Zealand?

Posted By think waternz     February 14, 2022    


In the year 2020, Auckland was severely dry. Apart from the climatic condition, the government attributes population growth as the reason New Zealand is on the brink of a water crisis. To reduce the pressure on water bodies around you, investing in rainwater harvesting is a great idea. Bravo, if you have made that decision. Many New Zealand residents  are looking for options to have a backup water supply during an emergency.  Using a rainwater tank is an efficient way to do this and save water.
It can be relatively simple to install a system to divert rainwater to a storage tank. Although, finding the best rainwater tank supplier New Zealand can be quite tricky. With so many agencies around, choosing the right option that suits your needs and pocket can be  overwhelming. Consider the following before you have a word with a rainwater tank supplier Auckland.
Why do you need rainwater harvesting?
Before deciding on a system, you need to focus on the usage of the water stored. This will help you find a product that matches your specifications the best.
  • You can use a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.
  • It can also be used to flush the toilets.
  • Car washing is another great usage of rainwater.
  • , Having an emergency source of water supply is also a priority forsome house owners.
The purpose defines the design of the water supply system, thus decide it before talking to the suppliers.
How much water do you want to store?
When you go to a rainwater tank supplier Auckland, one of the first questions that you have to answer is about the size of the storage tank you require. The size can be determined in two ways i.e. the intended water usage and the size of the family.
In case you want to design a system to have your own emergency water supply, then 3 litres per day is the recommended amount of drinking water you will need for every person in your family. Apart from that, you need water for various activities.
Experts estimate that around 20 litres of water is required per person in a day. Planning on emergency supply should be done by multiplying 20 with the number of persons and the required days of supply.
What is the ideal size for the rainwater tank?
The rough estimate given in the previous section allows you to calculate the ideal size of the tank. Ideally, the bigger the better. However, depending on the size of the family and the climatic conditions, you can find a more suitable option. 
Tanks are available in a range of 500 litres to 2000 litres. For emergency supplies, a 500-litre tank is suitable for a family of two, when the water tank is connected with the roof gutters to harvestthe rainwater. Whereas, for dry summers, the calculations might not be useful and a larger size would be suitable.
What other factors do you need to understand?
The construction material and the cost of the tank are the two most important factors to consider. Concrete, fibreglass, steel and UV-resistant plastic are some of the many options available. Make sure to compare the available products based on their pros and cons regardless of their price, because in the case of an emergency you might be drinking water from that tank. 
Bottom line
The various features of available rainwater harvesting systems can be discussed in detail with the experts near you. If interested, contact Think Water, they have a long standing reputation as the most trusted water tank Supplier New Zealand.