Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Surface Without Fingerprint Processing Technology

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Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Surface Without Fingerprint Processing Technology

Posted By stainlesskb112 afa     September 21, 2018    


The Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet is made of high quality stainless steel 304# material, which has been processed through dozens of processes such as oiling, sanding, shearing, stamping, bending, filling, welding, assembly and grinding. Special non-fingerprint processing on the surface of stainless steel plate can effectively ensure that there is no trace of touch during use, easy to care; stainless steel cabinet does not crack, moisture and mildew, waterproof and rustproof, durable, green, and stainless steel plate can also Recycled and reused. The products are divided into brushed stainless steel bathroom cabinet, color steel stainless steel bathroom cabinet, wood grain stainless steel bath cabinet, craft glass stainless steel bathroom cabinet; various styles, unique design.


Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are produced in two forms:
1. From the sheet metal process: the stainless steel bathroom cabinet made by the process of planing, bending and six-sided molding is more exquisite and detailed, and the structure is also more tight.
2.stamping molding process: stainless steel bathroom cabinet made by direct stamping, the process is relatively simple and the price is lower than the sheet metal process.


First, stainless steel surface without fingerprint processing technology
Stainless steel without fingerprints is a very thin and strong protective layer on the surface of stainless steel through nano-coating technology. It is non-sticky and has anti-rust effect.
Second, personalized ABC safety corner
The product not only needs to be beautiful, but also needs to be durable. Safety is the first place. The corner protector not only makes the corners of the cabinet smooth and beautiful, but also effectively avoids damage to the skin.
Third, wall-mounted security products
The wall-mounted installation is concentrated: fast, labor-saving, simple, easy to disassemble, and effectively adjust the spacing of the product 510cm.
Fourth, PPS plastic installation door rubber sheet
Completely get rid of the wooden installation door hinge, it has the advantages of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, green and environmental protection, changing the defects that the wooden block can not be installed, and effectively ensuring that the door switch has no looseness. It has better flame retardancy and is incombustible. plastic.
Five, three-dimensional pattern
Advanced equipment and superb technology engrave the stainless steel panel with a three-dimensional pattern with tightness, clear texture and bumpy feel: let classic and modern blend together.
Six, cabinet double bottom plate
Change the unsatisfactory feeling of the single-layer bottom plate in the past, enhance the product's firmness, increase the anti-sinking property of the product's bottom plate, and avoid the noise emitted by the switch door.
Seven, the inner and outer panels of the cabinet are made of 304# stainless steel
Quality casts the brand, good quality also comes from good materials: no rust and anti-corrosion ability or 304# stainless steel sheet.
Eight, inlaid handle
No need to install, easy to switch, beautiful and practical, simple and elegant, and the overall style of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet is more fashionable, it can be called the finishing touch.
Nine, drawer buffer slide
A high quality of life requires a quiet and elegant environment. The stainless steel silent buffer slide rail has been developed, which has the advantages of convenient switch, smooth and smooth sliding and sliding, automatic closing, heavy bearing, flexible operation, firm installation and stable quality.
Ten, the humanized design of the bottom of the concave cabinet
The original humanized design will attract the attention of consumers, and the practicality will solve the problem of installing hot and cold water pipes.


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