How Much Does A Restaurant And Bar Designer Cost?

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How Much Does A Restaurant And Bar Designer Cost?

Posted By soho hospitality     December 14, 2021    


The racy nightlife and the tropical beaches of Thailand welcome millions of tourists every year. In fact, tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the national GDP. From backpackers to business professionals, everyone is attracted to Thailand which makes the hospitality business one of the most sought-after opportunities to succeed. Now that the pace of the tourism business is gaining momentum once again after the pandemic, it is the best time to design a pleasant experience for the upcoming guests. In case you are searching for ways to get higher returns on the investment, hiring a restaurant designer is a dire necessity. In this post, we will discuss the complete cost breakdown for design and consulting services.




What do restaurant design consultants do?

A recent report about Thailand tourism by Al Jazeera stated that tourists are ready to come back to Thailand but the government guidelines are somewhat ruining the experience. In this scenario, the ultimate goal of the hospitality industry is to create an ambient design capable to transform the trip into a pleasant experience. To do this, you will need the expertise of restaurant design consultants. Their expertise can guide you in deciding the most beneficial format to go with. Additionally, their consultations offer the deepest insight into what’s working in the marketplace and what’s not. From concept design to the stage of project execution, everything can be tackled if you partner with industry specialists. Now it may seem like an overhead cost, but the charges for Restaurant And Bar Design Consulting are totally worth it in the long run. These experts would shape the design to enhance the customer’s experience which in turn would lead to increased sales and maximized profits.


How much do Thailand interior designers charge?

Before we talk about the real numbers, let’s first discuss the basis on which the cost is calculated. Rather than simply bargaining with Restaurant And Bar Interior Designer, firstly  you need to know what are they charging for:

  • Scope of work:The price variation between the services of different designers and consultants depends on the scope of work. Some might provide only the 3D layout of the concept while others can also help you pick up the right furniture items and the best chandeliers. This would also include supervision of the civil work involved.
  • Cost calculation:There are two ways the designing and consulting contracts are prepared, i.e. based on the area of the site and percentage of the overall project cost. For instance, they can charge 3000 Baht/sq. m. or 15% of the total cost. You can work around and pick whichever format suits you the best. The average starting price for concept and project execution begins from 8000 Baht per sq. m. and goes up according to the design and project scope.

In case you are comparing two different companies, it is best to ask for per sq.m. prices. Besides, there are certain additional charges such as mark-up on furniture, site visits and revision charges. Keep all of these costs in mind while getting quotes from designers.


Final word

To run the hospitality business smoothly, it is important to put your best foot forward. The cost breakup would surely help you understand the worth of a design consultant. If interested in hiring a restaurant interior designer to make your venture a huge success, then follow the link given below.