Top Hotel Interior Design Trends You Should Follow in 2022

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Top Hotel Interior Design Trends You Should Follow in 2022

Posted By soho hospitality     Apr 16    


The success of the hospitality industry mostly depends on customer experiences. With the rapidly evolving preferences and behaviour of the guests, it becomes somewhat challenging for the hoteliers to keep up with the pace. Hotel interior design trends are evolving at a great speed and it becomes essential for hoteliers to be well aware of what’s working for others and how to implement that quickly to reap the benefits.
The shifting guest preferences, the pandemic evolved hospitality industry or the pressure of the competition, whatever be the reason, some bigger design changes are witnessed. If you are planning to begin the refurbishing project then you can get useful insight from the list of Thailand Interior Design  trends for 2022.
  • Sustainable designs: In recent years, eco-friendly design principles have entered the mainstream. Most hotel brands are focusing on ways to incorporate sustainability in their design. From stunning green initiatives to open floor plans with ample natural light, hotels are searching for ways to reduce energy consumption and attract the environmentally conscious guest segment.
  • Warmer colour palette: In order to provide comfort and a home-like ambience to business travellers, warm tones are mostly seen in the latest hotel interior design trends. 
  • Expressive designs: From décor pieces to accent walls and from furniture design to colour choices, hotels are focusing on ways to express their brand image through design principles. Some hotels are creating bigger lobby areas that can also be used as a workplace, whereas some hotels have rooms each with their own distinctive style to attract guests with varying style preferences.
  • Natural materials: Another key trend that most hoteliers are following is to involve nature in varied design aspects. For instance, stone, wood, and natural fabrics are gaining limelight from hotels that are inspired by ecological standards and investing in stoneware and raw form of wooden décor. 
  • Experiential spaces: Hotels are now stretching the limits to attract the newer segment Gen Z that doesn’t settle with a nice and simple place. They want eclectic experiences, social spaces and uniqueness. Brands are therefore following design trends to design creative lobbies, culturally influenced restaurant spaces and bar areas that echo the brand image. 
How to implement the trending hotel designs?
The key design trends of the hospitality industry can be summed up as a thought that brands are going creative to deliver unique experiences. What’s different in 2022 is that guests prefer a comfortable home-like experience where they can work, live and enjoy life. To get a head start, one can begin by identifying the preferences of the target audience. You don’t have to spend resources on market research, an experienced hotel interior designer can help with the deepest insights into the hospitality sector.
Brands can choose the refurbishing methods that help to redefine their character. For instance, you can select from ecological design standards, local or cultural elements, experiential social spaces, technology enabled areas, greener influences or artistic opportunities.
Hotels are solely dedicated to leaving a lasting impression on the guests. Rapidly evolving trends say a lot about guest preferences. If interested in following the above mentioned design trends, have a word with an experienced hotel interior designer on the link given below.