Cosmetic Package Manufacturers Introduces The Use Of Foam Pump Heads

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Cosmetic Package Manufacturers Introduces The Use Of Foam Pump Heads

Posted By Kerry Wang     December 14, 2021    


Cosmetic Package Manufacturers introduces The principle and process of Foaming Pump Head foaming are rough as follows:

The piston of the liquid pump and the cylinder wall is slidingly matched-the liquid is closed but the air is not closed, and the piston of the air pump is an interference fit with the cylinder wall-the air is reliably closed.

The air pump piston is sleeved with the liquid pump piston to be assembled as a whole. Press the nozzle position, the liquid and air are compressed and the pressure rises simultaneously, and the pressurized liquid enters the center hole of the piston sleeve and moves upward. At the same time, the pressurized gas (purple in the picture) also enters the casing from the gap between the cylinder and the piston, bubbling the liquid once and moving upward. There is a one-way valve on the top of the piston casing (open when pressing to take out the liquid. Loosen it to close the upper end of the liquid cylinder, use the negative pressure of the liquid cylinder to open the bottom liquid valve, and replenish the liquid from the liquid bottle for use.), one-time bubble liquid After this, it flows out of the sleeve and goes to the front filter screen for secondary foaming. When the secondary foam passes through the filter screen, it is uniformly and finely foamed again and then enters the nozzle tube.

Finally, the foaming hand sanitizer  out from the nozzle to complete the foaming and liquid extraction process of the hand sanitizer. The position and details of the filter screen and release the pressure after taking the liquid. During the spring reset process, the negative pressure in the cylinder will replenish the gas from the one-way valve membrane for use. The cone-shaped one-way valve on the upper part of the piston sleeve of the liquid pump will not repeat the function. Liquid valve details. After the liquid is taken, the liquid cylinder is under negative pressure during the spring reset process, the liquid in the bottle pushes the glass valve bead, and the hand sanitizer flows into the liquid cylinder for replenishment.

Through the above introduction,Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.