How Does A Cosmetic Lotion Pump Work?
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    • Last updated December 29, 2020
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How Does A Cosmetic Lotion Pump Work?

Posted By Kerry Wang     December 29, 2020    


Recently we had a conversation with one of our premium cosmetic skincare customers on the key differences between a Cosmetic Lotion Pump and an airless pump. It is something we often talk about, so we thought we would share our explanation with you too!

  How does an airless pump and container work?

  Animation of airless pump A truly airless pack, utilises a piston in the base. This is a small plastic disc, which pushes the skincare or other cosmetics product towards the dispensing nozzle at the top. When the actuator is pressed and the product inside the container is dispensed, this creates a small vacuum within the chamber. To regulate this change in pressure, the piston moves upwards. This is why there’s a small airhole in the base which allows air in through the bottom to replace the area dispensed. One of the airless benefits is that due to this piston, the product isn’t exposed to air until it is dispensed. This often means your skincare, cosmetic, or tanning formulation can avoid the need of preservatives. Another benefit of true airless containers is there is no dip tube necessary.

  How does a lotion pump work?Lotion pump with dip tube

  In a lotion pump the product is dispensed up through a dip tube. Whilst the product level in the container slowly decreases, the space is replaced by air coming back in through the top. This can potentially degrade your product more quickly than when compared to a truly airless pack. You’ll also find that lotion pumps have a more general thread form and can be used on a wider variety of containers, whereas airless containers tend to have their own dedicated base or bottle.

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