What Is the Best Long Range Gun in PUBG?

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What Is the Best Long Range Gun in PUBG?

Posted By Jeson Clarke     December 15, 2021    


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG: Battlegrounds) is an exciting game that was created after the movie, Battle Royale, came out. In this first-person shooter game, the main objective is to "get them before they get you." This means that you need to have the right equipment to accomplish your objective.

This is a list of the best weapons you can use:

1. The AWM is a sniper rifle. This gun is designed for long-range fights--by 500 meters or more. This makes it excellent for PUBG long distance shooting. If you’re involved in a fight with this distance or more, the AWM is the gun you need. This gun and one other are also designed to kill by a shot to the head. However, this is the gun that you want to use for your endgame as it takes some time to reload and in between shots. Get PUBG long distance shooting training by visiting this website.

2. The M24 is also a sniper rifle and is best used when you’re between 120 and 150 meters away from your enemy, which makes it useful for mid to long-range fights. This weapon can do a lot of damage. It has multiple attachments, which makes it highly useful according to your needs. This weapon reloads in 1.8 seconds.

3. The M416 is a 5.56m assault rifle, and it is one of the most preferred guns in PUBG. You can modify this gun to meet a variety of needs, and it is well-suited for mid-range fights. It offers superior control when it is in automatic fire mode, and it also has low recoil.

4. The SLR is a DMR (designated marksman rifle). This gun is in a category of its own (between a sniper rifle and assault rifle). You can use it for a headshot, or you can use it for a body shot. This makes it an excellent weapon to have at any point in the game.

5. The K98 (Karabiner 98 Kurz) gun is a sniper rifle. This gun also does a lot of damage to players with a level two helmet. It is best used for mid to long-range fights. However, it has slow bullet velocity and reloading time between shots is slow.

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