Second Hand Watch Market: How To Know You\u2019re Paying a Good Price

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Second Hand Watch Market: How To Know You’re Paying a Good Price

Posted By Jeson Clarke     December 15, 2021    


Are you in the market for a second hand air king or any other pre owned watch? Do you know how to ensure you’re getting a good price? If you answered “yes” and “no” to those questions, keep reading. Because today, we’re breaking down what to consider when buying previously owned timepieces. To find a luxury second hand Air King Rolex watch, visit this watch store website.

Check the Condition

Nearly all previously worn watches have hairline fractures and minor scrapes. However, if the timepiece in question has huge nicks, you may want to think twice about buying. Because when watches suffer traumatic accidents, their movements may be affected. If that happens, the piece may not hold its value.

Does the Watch Have a Service History?

High-end timepieces typically need to be serviced every few years. It’s not a cheap process, and owners usually keep records of the event. If the watch you’re considering doesn’t have “tune-up papers,” there’s a chance it hasn’t been calibrated in a long time. Ask yourself if you’re OK with that. If you want the watch to hold its value, factor in the cost of this service.

Boxes and Papers

Many people put a lot of value in maintaining a watch’s original box and paperwork. And yes, they’re nice to have. But packaging is a relatively new phenomenon. It wasn’t something people cared much about from the beginning of the 20th century through the early 1990s, and buyers would toss packaging without a second thought.

So don’t immediately discount a watch because it’s not in its original box — especially for older pieces.

Check Its Authenticity

Luxury watch brands have tell-tale features. For example, the tips of Rolex crowns should always be rounded and have a 3D quality. To ensure you’re not overpaying for a counterfeit, familiarize yourself with the authenticity checks associated with the company and model you’re considering.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a second hand Air King by Rolex or a lightly worn Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A-001, may the watch force be ever in your favour.

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