Thinking About How To Choose\u00a0 Hydraulic Air Bottle Jacks

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Thinking About How To Choose  Hydraulic Air Bottle Jacks

Posted By Ming rui     December 15, 2021    


   If you want to know what Hydraulic Air Bottle Jack is and how to choose the right jack for the job, you can know that there are usually two types: bottle jacks and floor jacks. Focus on introducing all the details of the bottle jacks, because their reliability and convenient functions make them very suitable for many types of work projects, and they are easy to use. They usually have a compact design. The bottle jacks are easy to carry and can be easily stored in most In vehicles. Know all the information you need to know before buying, and then you can know how to choose the right tool.

There are some important bottling features and considerations that you need to understand:

1) Weight-bearing capacity

   The load-bearing capacity is the weight that the jack can lift, in tons; it usually has different load-bearing capacities. But what is the optimal weight-bearing capacity selected for you? You should use a jack that corresponds to the most common weight range of the vehicle you work on. For example, a 2-ton jack can lift most cars and small SUVs, while a 3-ton jack can lift most trucks and full-size SUVs. Another important tip to consider before choosing is to know that the jack can only support 60% of the weight of the vehicle, which means that a 2-ton jack can lift a 3-ton car.

2) Lifting range

The next thing to consider is the lifting height of the bottle jack, because if it can't get your vehicle off the ground, then your new jack will be useless. Do you only need to change tires or repair them; in any case, you need to compare the stroke and maximum height of the bottle jack by looking at the number of steps on the piston. Generally, the more steps, the higher the stroke of the lifting tool. It is also common for jacks to lift from 9 to 18 inches.

3) Material and quality: Another important factor is the material used to design the bottle jack. Both the body and base of the bottle jack should be made of durable and strong steel so that your tools can withstand the pressure of lifting and maintaining weight over a period of time. High-quality jacks are forged from a combination of high-quality iron and alloy steel. In addition, pay attention to the quality of the weld to obtain the best strength and performance.


5) 易用性:最后但并非最不重要的一点是,考虑使用瓶装千斤顶是多么容易和舒适。需要注意的一件事是手柄,因此请确保您的工具有一个长吸手,以使吸力更舒适且易于使用。


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