Is it still worthwhile to play New World in December 2021

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Is it still worthwhile to play New World in December 2021

Posted By hazel wu     December 17, 2021    


The launch of Amazon Game Studios' massively multiplayer online game Cheap new world gold was a resounding success. On the first day of New World, Steam charts showed a record number of concurrent players of over 700,000, resulting in lengthy server queues. It reached its all-time high just a few days later, with more than 910,000 players. If buy new world gold's numbers and community engagement had remained static right then and there, the situation for the Amazon release would almost certainly have been different.



Players, on the other hand, were quick to identify design flaws that prevented them from truly enjoying the game in the way they desired. Nonetheless, the game's enjoyment seemed to last longer than expected, thanks to engaging PvP - the Faction Wars - and intriguing PvE potential, including Expeditions and a plethora of gathering and crafting. One of the most significant events that fueled negativity in the community and drove players away was New World's duplication bug and ensuing economic disaster, which set off a chain of events that resulted in less communication from the developer and increased distrust from players. As things stand right now, it's difficult to tell whether the game is still worth playing.

The Present State of the new world coins for sale and Its Future Potential
Despite the fact that the state of buy new world coins after launch was not too bad, it was clear that the game was not ready to be released at the time it was. After a slew of bans dealing with cheaters and exploiters, the majority of which were permanent, players were relieved to hear from the developer again, who shared its future plans. An enormous amount of anticipation had built up around the release of the Into the Void November update, which was intended to bring in numerous new enemies and a brand-new weapon while also addressing long-standing issues and addressing new and pressing issues.

Players' ability to farm for endgame gear and increase their Watermark and Gear Score were among the many hidden changes to cheap new world coins's core mechanics that were included in the patch. Making things more difficult is a change made to the crafting system, which makes it more difficult to reach the level cap with crafting skills, simply because doing the same thing in a longer period of time costs more Gold and more materials. All of these factors combined to have a negative impact on the community, especially considering that New World still had a number of known issues despite all of its nerfs.

It was included in the most recent patch for New World that the way Motes are obtained had been changed, as well as additional nerfs. But things are looking up thanks to Amazon's promises about how it will deal with the Watermark system in upcoming patches, which will include introducing an Expertise value to determine what level players' equipment will be at. Currently, the December patch is available for testing on the public test realm, and it includes a fun holiday event for players to participate in.  is currently a fantastic game to play for both new players and those who have been playing for a long time, to the point where they have their preferred equipment and builds, as well as their skills leveled up.

For those in the middle, New World isn't the most enjoyable experience, as the most enjoyable aspects of the game (and its upcoming patch) are leveling and the PvP final phase. Those who have already leveled up their characters but are still a long way from obtaining the gear and skills they desire will, therefore, have the least amount of enjoyment from New World, as a general rule. At the end of the day, Amazon appears willing to put more effort and resources into the game in order to make it better moving forward, and there is hope that the developer will take its community's feedback into consideration.