Lost Ark Beta Seems Good
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    • Last updated December 20, 2021
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Lost Ark Beta Seems Good

Posted By jannick cooper     December 20, 2021    


Trusted people have recommended Lost Ark, a Korean-style Diablo ARPG with MMO elements, and I had high expectations.

But after spending most of yesterday's day doing technical tests, I have to say you weren't wrong. This is a very solid entry into the genre, and I can well imagine spending hundreds of hours into the long process once The Lost Ark is fully released in March 2022.

The Lost Ark Beta itself is very extensive and offers the opportunity to choose between many different professions and to advance up to level 55 (for comparison: The game starts at level 10 and it took me a whole day to get a character to level 15 bring to). There is tons of content to consume as you battle enemies and learn the game's many systems.

The game starts with a beautiful character creator reminiscent of Black Desert Online, where the goal seems to be to create the most attractive and / or terrifying male or female heroes. Although in Lost Ark most of the time you are shrunk to isometric views and your armor dictates things like your hairstyle if you don't remove it.

I started out with a class I wouldn't have expected in a high fantasy game, a gunslinger, and then found myself in the role of a demon hunter-like hero who had two pistols, sniper rifles and shotguns, and numerous demon skills like stunts and Bombs. Only recently did I venture into the monastic martial artist and found out that the course also has sub-courses to choose from. A martial artist may have sharp fists, huge gauntlets, or a focus that makes them more of a projectile fighter, and each one has their own distinct movement. How big is the scope for this game?

The fight is fun. After about 20 minutes I got used to the game and the many hotkeys, and after a short while it felt like Diablo was enough. The battles may not be as elaborate as they are in the Diablo games, but they are very solid and great fun, and are certainly the main attraction of the game. I've only looked at lower-level gear purchases so far, but I'm excited to see the loot I can drop and the pets I acquired to collect it.

I have some early complaints? The user interface ...... is not for me. It was a tough transition compared to my other project, New World, where the UI was probably the best ever, and I didn't like what I saw of the lost menus and ugly fonts.

The voice recordings are not ... great either. It's too over the top and too much like a video game as you would expect from this genre ten years ago. I know localization is an important part of this project, but I've come across too many overly hysterical guards that I have to help out to my liking. However, the story itself looks fine as we are trying to find the lost ark to cleanse the demon realm or something like that.

The footage is probably in the middle of the path. Not great, not terrible, but the more you zoom in, the worse it gets in certain overworld animations. However, I was impressed by some of the scripted elements of the isometric campaign, such as: For example, a racing, burning car that races across the map and shows how the genre has developed successfully since Diablo 3.

With Diablo 4 still 2-4 years away, after the recent delays, The Lost Ark is likely to feel like a game that will completely fill the void, allowing hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of gameplay. And since the game is already very popular in countries like Korea and Russia, it doesn't have to spend the first six months fixing servers or fixing bugs. Many of them no longer exist.

I'm going to try not to get too fixated on the beta here as nothing is transferable, but if you're still undecided or have never heard of it, I would definitely give it a try.

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