Useful Combat Tips for Lost Ark

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Useful Combat Tips for Lost Ark

Posted By jannick cooper     February 20, 2022    


The Lost Ark features some genuinely satisfying combat. Here are some expert tips to help players find their way.

Lost Ark Combat Pro Tips
Lost Ark, Smilegate's latest giant MMORPG, does very well for a number of reasons, whether it's the game's story or simply the incomprehensible things you can do.

But one of the biggest draws of this game is undoubtedly its unique combat style. This Diablo-like combat style is something that not many MMORPGs have attempted, nor has anyone managed to pull off like The Lost Ark. For those unfamiliar with this fighting style or MMORPG combat in general, here are some of the best ways to excel in any battle.

Some important settings

This first tip is actually more of a quality of life suggestion than anything else. Basically, there are a few settings that, if changed, will have a significant impact on the immediate gameplay. These settings are primarily the cooldowns, combat frame, and cursor aiming.

Cooldown Sounds: Found in the Audio tab, a faint sound will play when a skill goes on cooldown. It would be great if the player could have multiple sounds for different skills, but even just one can ease the flow of skills without having to keep looking down.

Combat Outline: This setting is located in the Combat and Display section of the game's tab. Activating it causes the player character to appear as a faint blue halo-like outline in combat. Lost Ark is a game with many enemies and many particle effects on the screen, so a number of accessibility options will help improve visual clarity.

Cursor Alignment: Located in the same section as the battle outline, cursor alignment simply sets skills not to automatically target where the mouse pointer is pointing. This way the skills will fire exactly where they are aimed and not at the enemy closest to the cursor.

Be careful when dodging

Even though the pre-max level content doesn't look like it, Lost Ark's combat system is pretty unforgiving. There is no real "tank" character in the game, and it seems that Boss Aggro has a hard time controlling one closely. To make matters worse, in combat the player doesn't have many options to escape. Each class has their own 'dodge', from sprinting to rolling to walking backwards, but all have a cooldown of around 10 seconds.

Make it a habit to dodge boss attacks in the first few levels (even if the boss isn't that dangerous) so that when it really counts, e.g. B. with higher level guardians, it is easier to conduct a raid, etc.

Always maintain movement-based skills

An easy way to bypass the punishing dodge system in Lost Ark is to always have a movement-based skill or two. For example, the Assault Strike skill is included in every Scrapper build, even if the damage isn't great simply because it's a fantastic method or dodge.

Additionally, in areas like islands or dungeons where they cannot ride their mounts, players can buy cheap Lost ark gold to progress faster, making those areas feel less boring.

Perform leveling builds and boss builds

The Lost Ark - Fight against a horde of monsters in the training room
The Lost Ark isn't the kind of MMORPG that makes it easy for you, with a million different systems and ridiculous ways to tackle each boss, dungeon, or raid later in the game. And the general rule of thumb (so far) seems to be that everyone has a "bossing" build for destroyed content and an "area of ​​effect" build is a good idea. Builds are a good idea. Basically, you should prepare one build for Chaos Dungeons and one for Guardian Raids.

The AoE build is definitely something players should use when leveling up, as most of the story missions revolve around killing a bunch of minions and fighting a basic boss or two.