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Posted By Vivo Living     December 21, 2021    


Moving into a full furnished apartment may not feel like home for so many people. It may create a weird feeling of living in someone else’s home. It might be uncomfortable as it feels like you’re a mere tenant. For others though, moving into a fully furnished space feels like home. 
Whether you’re settling into furnished accommodation Caringbah as a traveller, hospital staff or medical student, at Vivo Living, we know that you are someone looking for comfort in the Caringbah apartments for rent you’ve chosen. No matter how short or long your stay would be, you won’t be happy if the space doesn’t even feel like home. 
To help you feel at home in your long or short term accommodation in Caringbah, we have some tips for you to feel the warmth of a new home. By staying in our apartments for rent near Caringbah, you get to experience living a comfortable life. Let’s check out the following tips so the fun goes on. 
The first tip is to decorate your new home with your own personal style. Though Caringbah apartments for rent are fully furnished, we would always want our own set up. Leave the equipment as they are and start with customising the arrangement of things inside your furnished apartments for rent in Caringbah. It won’t matter whether you’re on a short term accommodation in Caringbah or you are looking out to stay for good in furnished accommodation Caringbah because what’s most important is to feel the essence of home even in a short span of time. After being satisfied with your rearrangement, try hanging up some of your family portraits or favorite paintings. These will surely start the homey feel. 
After decorating your new home, try living your life on it for the day and observe how it feels. If you are still not getting the homey feeling, get up and do some cleaning from top to bottom. This act will make you immersed in every corner of your apartment furnished Caringbah. Start from the ceilings and then down to the floor. Own that apartment furnished Caringbah and make it fresh and clean just for you. Try opening up some window spots and feel the warmth of the outsides of your furnished short term rentals Caringbah
The next tip is to store your personal belongings. In order for your apartments furnished Caringbah to be more organised, place your belongings in the right places so you’re going to feel more at home. Furnished apartments for rent in Caringbah can feel chaotic if your belongings are scattered everywhere. If you’re a traveller who is only up for furnished short term rentals Caringbah, the best way to feel at home is to immediately do the unpacking of your things.
Another way for you to feel at home is to make use of the amenities in your apartments furnished Caringbah. Make use of the shower to start everything off. Use the kitchen, cook something. DIne in the living room. Turn your television on. Take a bite while watching TV. Feel the comfy sofa. If you’re bored, connect to the high speed internet installed in our apartments furnished Caringbah. Surf and have fun! Make use of the amenities all over the house. This is one of the best ways to feel at home and enjoy your stay. 
Still not feeling at home with our apartments for rent near Caringbah? Well, it’s time for another tip! Try introducing your own personal aromas to your new place. Unboxing your own scent will make you own the place. After you’ve cleaned your new place from top to bottom, give it your own personal scent with essential oils or candles. You might not like the scent of an unoccupied apartment or the scent of an apartment that has just been vacated and cleaned. Spreading your scent to your new home will make you feel familiar with every corner. 
When you have all followed the tips mentioned above, your last call would be about getting to know your neighbors. 
Get to know your neighbors. Even when you’re only up for a short stay, you’ll feel more at home if you know people around you. It is always nice to make friends around you.
So these are our tips for you to have a meaningful stay at Vivo Living’s apartments. We hope to have you in one of our units soon!