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Posted By cixi xsd     December 21, 2021    


Cooler Cart is a special vehicle. There are some things that must be paid attention to before driving in order to prevent unnecessary troubles during driving. It is recommended to check the following before every time when loading goods and driving:

  1. The supply of fuel, diesel or gasoline for refrigerated trucks must be sufficient to ensure that the engine runs to at least the next inspection point.

  2. The engine oil level of refrigerated truck is at the (full) mark. Don't overfill it (change it once a year).

  3. Check the coolant level gauge for refrigerated truck coolant to see if the amount of coolant is correct, and the pointer should be within the white range. If the coolant level is within the red range, add coolant to the coolant tank. Usually the coolant is a mixture of ethylene glycol and water (different ratios are used according to the actual situation of the product use place), and protection should be provided to prevent freezing at -34°C. Note: When the coolant is hot, do not open the lid of the coolant tank.

  4. The battery terminal of the refrigerated truck must be firm and free of corrosion. The electrolyte should be at the full mark.

  5. The belt belt must be well and adjusted to a proper degree of tension. The sag is 13mm in the center of the span between the pulleys.

  6. Electrically check all electrical connections in the electrical control circuit to ensure that they are firmly fixed. The wires and terminals should be free from corrosion, burning, cracking, or moisture.

  7. Visually inspect the structure of the unit for leaks, loose or broken parts, and other damages.

  8. The installation gasket of the gasket unit should be firmly compressed and in good condition.

  9. The condenser and evaporator coils of refrigerated trucks should be clean and free of dirt.

  10. Defrost drainage device Check the defrost drainage hose and joints to ensure that they are unblocked.

  11. When the cargo compartment is loaded, the cargo should not block the evaporator air outlet and return air outlet, and keep the air-conditioning in the cargo compartment circulated smoothly to ensure that there are no hot spots in the compartment

  Therefore, scientific maintenance and maintenance can not only ensure the integrity of the equipment, but also reduce operating costs.

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