Introduction to the characteristics of drug cooler cart

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Introduction to the characteristics of drug cooler cart

Posted By cixi xsd     October 13, 2020    


What impact does the cooler cart have on the cold chain distribution of medicines? In summary, there are the following effects:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving, no need to plug in, can be used repeatedly, no need to consume fuel and electricity.

2. The transportation method is flexible, as long as it is guaranteed that the medicine refrigerator is within the effective refrigeration time, and is not restricted by the region, you can move where you want to move.

3. To reduce the expenditure of logistics costs, it is a suitable choice to choose a medicine refrigerated container for the medium and short-distance distribution of a small quantity of reagents and medicines, because the medicine refrigerated container is free from the power constraint, and we generally use conventional transportation equipment to complete the distribution. Save worry, effort and cost.

4. There are many temperature types, and the same medicine refrigerator can flexibly realize cooling in different temperature ranges by replacing cold sources of different temperature types.

5. It has multi-functional use. The multi-functional use of the medicine refrigerator makes the medicine refrigerator no longer single in the object of use. We can use medicines in the cold chain transportation of different products to give full play to the role of the medicine refrigerator. Tap its use value.

6. There is a lot of flexibility for a variety of specifications. The medicine refrigerator has multiple specifications, and customers can choose flexibly according to their own use conditions when using, not as single as other electric refrigeration equipment.

7. The price is affordable and cost-effective. Compared with electric refrigeration equipment, the medicine refrigerator is more favorable and cost-effective.

The above seven points are summarized by the customer's utilization rate and feedback rate of drug refrigerators in the development of domestic cold chain, and they are also the seven major influences generally recognized by the cold chain industry.

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