Smart cooler cart can set any required value

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Smart cooler cart can set any required value

Posted By cixi xsd     October 26, 2020    


The cooler cart product is an intelligent new multifunctional thermostat, the temperature is wide between 2-48 degrees, and the required value can be set arbitrarily, the temperature difference is ±2℃, especially suitable for medical treatment, hygiene, anti-fatigue, food chemical industry, military industry, scientific research And other departments use.

Product structure and characteristics

1. The product structure is a foam door box, and the main body is divided into four parts: electrical control system, refrigeration system, heating system, and display system.

2. Imported computer temperature controller, digital display, high temperature control accuracy, high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor failure alarm and safety lock function to prevent accidents.

3. The refrigeration system is reasonably matched with the refrigeration system, and forced air circulation is adopted to ensure that the cabinet has no dead angles at the constant temperature. The cooling or heating speed is fast, and the set temperature can reach the set temperature requirement in a short time. cooler box

4. The use of a new type of fully enclosed high-grade compressor has balanced operation, low noise and long service life.

5. The box body is made of high-quality steel plate, through advanced anti-corrosion spraying technology, the surface color is soft, the internal compartment can be arbitrarily relaxed and reduced, which is convenient for storing different items. The inside of the box is equipped with lighting facilities to facilitate the observation of stored items at night.

6. The product structure is a vertical box. cooler cart

7. The interior of the box is made of high-density polyurethane integral foam, which has the characteristics of weight, longevity and good insulation performance.

8. Precise temperature probe, automatically display the internal temperature of the cabinet, which is convenient for observing the temperature changes in the cabinet at any time

9. Three-layer high-strength hollow glass is used, and the middle layer is vacuum treated, which has good heat preservation effect and high transparency, which is convenient for observing the items stored in the box at any time. Insulation bucket 10, this product is a built-in incubator, which can be directly embedded in a closet or wall without taking up extra space.

If you want to know more product information, please contact us: custom cooler cart.