Buying A Window Cleaning Platform

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Buying A Window Cleaning Platform

Posted By Alan Wood     December 22, 2021    


Buying A Window Cleaning Platform – What Are Some Important Things To Look For?

Are you planning to buy window cleaning platform for your construction site, or for cleaning refurbishment or maintenance work? These types of platforms are being used more and more today, to ensure workers’ safety while working high above the ground. Before you buy this kind of a platform, there are 3 important things you should look for. Read on and find out about the same.

Safety features

Make sure that the platform that you buy consists of various safety features, such as guard rail system, fall arrest systems, safety locks and more. These can ensure the safety and security of workers, and even if they are on the verge of losing balance they can regain the same with the fall arrest measures in place. As an employer, this is the least that you can do for your workers before they have to go higher up above the ground for cleaning up windows.


Make sure that you buy lightweight access platforms, so that there is no additional load to bear. Platforms that are light in weight - such as those made of aluminum, are strong enough to bear a lot of weight and are quite durable to last for a long time to come. It is important to look for lightweight cleaning platforms that have a high load bearing capacity to ensure that at least two people can comfortably work upon them.

If you will be using these platforms for window cleaning purposes, it is a good idea to send to people above. In that case, it is important to purchase platforms that load bearing capacity of over 150 kgs, at the very least.

Ability to be extended

When it comes to maintenance work cleaning and other purposes it can be a good idea to have an extendable work platform in place. As the name indicates, this kind of platform can be extended to let workers get more access. While carrying out cleaning work, there is often a need to extend the working platform – in order to allow workers more reach to difficult areas that are harder to access.