The rise of Modern Industry, Hydraulic Power is Widely used

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The rise of Modern Industry, Hydraulic Power is Widely used

Posted By Ming rui     December 22, 2021    


  Hydraulic can be driven by power transmission. The hydraulic door power unit includes a hand pump with a hose, a cylinder plunger, a spreader plunger, a rubber head, a flat base, a triangle seat, a serrated saddle, an external thread adapter, and various extension pipes. Hydraulic power is especially suitable for equipment lifting, pushing and pulling, bending, straightening, and paving operations. Hydraulic pressure can also be used as a control method, called hydraulic control. Compared with mechanical transmission and electric transmission, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:

  1. Various components of hydraulic transmission can be conveniently and flexibly arranged according to needs.
  2. Lightweight, small size, small movement inertia, and fast reaction speed.
  3. Convenient operation and control, which can realize step-less speed regulation in a wide range (speed regulation range up to 2000:1).
  4. The overload protection can be realized automatically.
  5. Generally, mineral oil is used as the working medium, the relative moving surface can be lubricated by itself, and the service life is long.
  6. It is easy to realize linear motion.
  7. It is easy to realize the automation of the machine. When the electro-hydraulic joint control is adopted, not only a higher degree of automatic control process can be realized, but also remote control can be realized.

  With the rise of modern industry, hydraulic power is widely used in hydraulic systems for mobile machinery. Such as hydraulic air bottle jacks and hydraulic vehicle positioning jacks.