How to Cook Meals for Different Dietary Requirements on Your BBQ
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    • Last updated December 23, 2021
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How to Cook Meals for Different Dietary Requirements on Your BBQ

Posted By home fires     December 23, 2021    


Whether you are preparing a big meal for your family or a feast for some friends, you might be thinking if it is practical to cook different meals on your barbecue simultaneously. You can cook different meals on your barbecue at the same time. Here is how:


  1. Control the temperature

Whether you are preparing different types of meat or different meals, ensure a constant desired temperature. How you control your grill temperature depends on the type of grill you are using.

Before you add any kind of food on the grill to ensure that the temperature is stable for a couple of minutes.


  1. Internal food temperature

Sometimes the outside temperature of the foods will not be accurate or the desired degrees. As a result, you will find yourself adding fuel or increasing the temperature. This will lead to overcooking of the meat and other foods on the grill. Hence when preparing meals on your barbecue, always ensure you focus on the internal food temperature. Check the thickest part of your food's temperature. If a portion of the food is ready before everything else is ready, cover it with aluminium foil.


  1. Timing

Ensure your timing is right. Different meals take different periods to cook. A whole chicken will take a long time than sausages for hotdogs. So, ensure you get the timing right for all your dishes to avoid overcooking and undercooking meals.  You need to plan and determine how many meals you will prepare and how long each takes to get the timing right. You don't want to keep guests standing by because you didn't plan enough time.


  1. Get yourself a two-zone BBQ set up

Depending on your BBQ type, you can use a two-zone grill set-up. This is where one side will receive direct heat while the other receives indirect heat. It will give you more flexibility in being able to use varying cooking temperatures.


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