How to Maintain Your Heater During Summer
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    • Last updated February 10, 2022
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How to Maintain Your Heater During Summer

Posted By home fires     February 10, 2022    


  • Clean and replace your filter
The filter plays a vital role in delivering warm air during the cold seasons. The filter is installed where the dust enters the furnace. It eliminates particles from the air before it moves into the other parts and is heated. It captures dust, pollen, spore, etc. Hence ensure that the filter is clean and if it is old or damaged, replace it as soon as possible.
  • Check the blower motor
Ensure the blower motor is working correctly. The blower motor drives the fan to provide air motions in the heater. The blower motor has several functioning parts, and if not well maintained, it can easily break down. Ensure that the motor is working and, if not, call a trained technician to rectify the issues. How will you know the motor is damaged? The heater will produce humming and noisy sounds.
  • Clean the heater’s vents
The heater also has its vents in the system. Ensure that the ducts are clean and anything that should not be on them is removed. The heater can attract paper, pet hair, dust and debris. Ensure you clean and remove all the dirt.
  • Repair the heater
You might have noticed a problem with your heater at the end of the cold season but didn’t repair it. This is the time to repair your heater during the summer. You don’t want another cold season coming before you do your repairs.
  • Vents in your home should be free
For the heating system to work correctly, the air in the house must be circulating entirely throughout the system. To get enough air in your home or room, the vents must be open and allow a free flow of air. Remove all the blockages that may be blocking them, such as furniture and accumulated dust.
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