The rotor inside the servo motor is a permanent magnet

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The rotor inside the servo motor is a permanent magnet

Posted By hong yi     December 9, 2019    


What do you know about servo systems?

1. Servo system is an automatic control system, which can make the output controlled object follow any change of input target (or given value). Servo system is mainly located by pulse.

Basically, it can be understood that when the servo motor receives a pulse, it will rotate the angle corresponding to a pulse to realize displacement. The system knows how many pulses are sent to the servo motor and how many pulses are received at the same time. In this way, the rotation of the motor can be controlled very accurately, thus accurate positioning can be realized.

2. AC servo motor is also a brushless motor, divided into synchronous motor and asynchronous motor. Currently, synchronous motors are commonly used for motion control. It has a large power range and can obtain large power. High inertia, low maximum rotation speed, and decreases rapidly with the increase of power. Therefore, it is suitable for low speed and smooth operation.

3. The rotor inside the servo motor is a permanent magnet. The uranium/vanadium/tungsten three-phase motor controlled by the driver forms an electromagnetic field. The rotor rotates under the action of magnetic field. Meanwhile, the encoder feedback signal from the motor is provided to the driver. The driver is based on the feedback value. Compared with the target value, adjust the rotation angle of the rotor. The precision of servo motor is determined by the precision of encoder (number of lines).

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