Selecting the Right Industrial Tables for Your Organization

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Selecting the Right Industrial Tables for Your Organization

Posted By Adam Alford     December 10, 2019    


Industrial tables are significantly different in nature than the conventional tables we use at home. Because industrial furniture is used for enhancing the work place as a whole, they need to be sturdier and a lot more functional. Since industrial tables are considered as a long-term investment, the decision should be taken after much evaluation and consideration.  There are several factors that are involved in making such a decision, to ensure that you get the best possible option according to your requirements and budget.

Before we begin on how to select the right Industrial table, we should first look at the types available. Some of them are mentioned in brief below

1. Adjustable Height Tables: Adjustable height tables are known or their ergonomic features which allow users to decrease or increase its height as required. Ergonomics is a key concern for industrial tables to ensure workers work comfortably. Workers performing complex tasks for many hours at a stretch can suffer from work related injuries in the absence of these ergonomic features. Fatigue syndrome, which is a regular occurrence in many work environments, is largely avoided when using height adjustable workbenches.

2. Stainless-steel Workbenches: Stainless Steel workbenches and industrial tables are usually meant for heavy industrial purposes. They are known for their durability and sustainability as well as its resistance to corrosion. The later feature makes it ideal for work environments which deal with chemical substances on a regular basis, such as medical labs. The smooth surface also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

3. Tech benches with additional shelving: Certain work places require working with electronic appliances and components on a regular basis. Tech benches are ideal for such situations, which have built-in power sources and added upper shelving. Certain variants are also available with six or more legs for providing a larger work surface.

Factors to Choose an Industrial Table or Workbench:

1. Conducting research: Before embarking on your journey of selecting the right industrial table, you must have a clear idea of what you want. It is advised that you carry out thorough research on the available options before committing to anything. Since industrial worktables are considered as a long –term investment, the decision should be taken after examining all the available options.  Failure to do so might leave you with an unproductive option which would be a waste of substantial financial resources.

2. Budget: Thanks to the growth of industrial furniture manufacturers in the market, industrial tables are available for a variety of different budgets. However it is advised not to compromise with the quality of the product due to budget limitations which would ultimately not serve any purpose.

3. Choosing Manufacturers: The furniture manufacturer or brand you choose will have an immense implication on the quality of industrial tables you receive. It’s thus safe to select a reputed and reliable brand or manufacturer rather than a new brand with no experience in the market.

4. Dimensional Requirements: The space of layout of your workspace should be considered before choosing any industrial worktable. Since worktables and workbenches are available in a variety of styles, it is never going to cause you any difficulty. There are different types of workbenches available for a variety of dimensional and layout requirements. For instance, a stainless steel work bench with added storage can be used for small work places.

5. Quality before price: As mentioned before, the quality of the product should never be compromised, especially with the price. While price is still an important factor while choosing any industrial table, it shouldn’t be the sole consideration. You should instead look for an option which provides a desired balance of functionality, quality and price. Focussing solely on price increases the chances of choosing an inferior product, which would eventually require more maintenance or possibly a replacement.

6. Size: Choosing the size for your industrial table is also a key element in ensuring its functionality. Depending on the size of the workplace and functional requirements you can choose from a wide variety of different sized workbenches available in the modern market.

Why industrial worktables are preferred?

There are several benefits that industrial worktables can provide, enhancing the efficiency, safety and productivity of the whole work force. Some of them are mentioned in brief below.

  • Easy maintenance: Industrial workbenches, especially those made of stainless steel do not require regular maintenance which saves a lot of time. Much of this has to do with stainless steel’s inherent qualities, which is proven to be cost effective option.

  • Durability: These workbenches are known for their durability and stability. Besides being corrosion resistant and sturdy, such industrial tables can work at extremely high temperatures as well, without suffering any damages.

  • High Load Bearing: Industrial workbenches and worktables are not only used for working on them. Certain heavy materials equipment and tools are also needed to perform everyday tasks. Thus industrial tables have to be strong and have a high load bearing capacity. For instance, standard workbenches can hold up to 750 kg of weight without faltering

  • Safety: One of the key reasons that organizations use industrial workbenches is because of the safety it provides. Apart from being ergonomically suitable for all workers, they are also capable of standing strong even under immense pressure, providing workers with a stable surface to work on. This reduces the chances of damaging any components or other work related accidents.

As world markets are increasingly getting competitive, the industrial demands of the developed world have increased exponentially. Using industrial furniture like industrial worktables can help a company to meet the heavy industrial demand that exists. Thus choosing the right workbench is essential not only for the wellbeing of your staff, but for the general competiveness and the survival of a company in the modern industrial sector. The above factors can help you in making a well informed decision rather than a wasteful investment.


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