What to Know About Weed Etiquette

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What to Know About Weed Etiquette

Posted By Lee Wood     December 30, 2021    


As the legalization of recreational marijuana becomes more common, it’s also becoming more important to be aware of proper weed etiquette. Although it depends on the type of social situation, generally, it’s important to be mindful of how and when you smoke. If you’re a bit green to the cannabis world, here are some of the most important weed etiquette tips you need to know.

Be respectful of your host and non-smokers.

Before you light up, make sure your host is okay with you smoking. Also ask where they’d prefer you to light up. If they’re not okay with it, be respectful and hold off until you’re back at home or you leave their place. In addition, if someone doesn’t want to smoke, don’t push them to join. Be respectful and accepting of everyone’s choices.

Bring enough for everyone.

If you propose a session, bring enough for everyone to enjoy and offer up yours first. Or, if you don’t have enough for everyone, be discreet about it and step away to a private area with a few others if you want to share a joint. If you don’t propose the session, but you’re a part of it, be willing to share your own goods. This is just good manners, but it’s also a great way to make new friends.

Pass clockwise (to the left).

In social situations, it’s always best to take two quick puffs and then pass to the left. It’s easy to forget the rotation after a few rounds, so going clockwise in a circle is easiest. Don’t hog it all or pass stale smoke or a cashed out bowl. The best rule of thumb in these types of scenarios is to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

Don’t smoke if you’re sick.

If you’re sick, don’t spread the germs by sharing it with everyone else! Not only is that a great way to make enemies, but it’s also seriously frowned upon in the age of COVID-19. Either sit it out and don’t smoke with everyone or plan ahead and bring your own pipe, vape pen, or joint. Get the best marijuana pre-rolled blunts by visiting this website.

Gifting? Choose pre-rolled blunts.

If your host is a smoker, bringing a marijuana gift is always a nice idea. Just make sure to choose pre-rolled blunts. (Pre-rolled blunts are joints that are ready-to-use upon purchasing at the dispensary.) These make great gifts because they are convenient, safe, discreet, and easy to dispose of safely once you’re done with them. Your host will really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness!

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