China Plastic Press Cap Factory Introduces The Design Features Of Cosmetic Packaging Materials

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China Plastic Press Cap Factory Introduces The Design Features Of Cosmetic Packaging Materials

Posted By Kerry Wang     Jan 4    


With the continuous expansion of the cosmetics market and fierce market competition, cosmetic manufacturers have made great efforts in cosmetic packaging materials in order to expand the sales share of their products. In order to meet different needs, cosmetic packaging materials have also presented a diversified development to facilitate consumers' choices. Below, China Plastic Press Cap Factory introduces the characteristics of cosmetic packaging materials:

Green cosmetic packaging materials: In order to meet the needs of customers, various manufacturers are making every effort to produce preservative-free products, especially in the selection of cosmetic packaging materials, and are gradually developing in the direction of environmental protection and raising environmental awareness. Since the newly developed cosmetic capsule has no secondary pollution, no or fewer preservatives can be added to the product, which greatly improves the safety of the product. In addition, it is safe to carry and easy to use, suitable for vacation, travel, and field operations.

Serialization of cosmetic packaging materials: The series of cosmetic packaging is basically based on the premise of a unified trademark pattern and text, plus product packaging designs based on different colors, water lines, or different shapes and structures. The requirements for cosmetic packaging materials are different, which must reflect the diversity and a sense of integrity. Therefore, the packaging design of a series of cosmetics should conform to the characteristics of a series of packaging designs, which not only achieves the function of a series of packaging but is also conducive to consumer choice.

Innovation of cosmetic packaging materials: As contemporary consumers gradually understand packaging design, from the mass market to shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, marketers pay more and more attention to the innovation and novelty of cosmetic packaging materials. Individuation requirements have driven the continuous development of customized products, and patented molds are very popular among industrial enterprises. This design gives full play to innovative ideas. Innovation will undoubtedly be welcomed, but over time, it will gradually lose its uniqueness. Therefore, innovation is the eternal theme of cosmetic packaging.

Vacuumization of cosmetic packaging materials: Vacuum cosmetic packaging stands out, protecting skincare products containing liposomes, rosin oil, and vitamins. This kind of packaging also has many advantages, such as strong protection, high resilience, and convenient use of high-viscosity skincare milk. At present, the popular vacuum system consists of a cylindrical or ellipsoidal container and a piston placed in it.

Cosmetic packaging material combination: Products for related purposes are concentrated in a large packaging box and sold at the same time. The main advantage of this is that it is convenient for customers to buy, and it is more affordable than a single product.

Additional functions of cosmetic packaging materials: After the product is used up, the cosmetic packaging does not need to be discarded, and can be used for other purposes, such as toothbrush holders, soap boxes, etc. Currently commonly used are gift packaging, soliciting packaging, and positioning packaging.

Through the above introduction, China Fine Mist Sprayer Pump Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.