Three Concepts of Vane Pump Pressure

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Three Concepts of Vane Pump Pressure

Posted By hong yi     December 16, 2019    


Hydraulic vane pump is the power element of hydraulic system. It is an element that is driven by engine or motor and sucks oil from hydraulic oil tank to form pressure oil to be discharged and sent to the actuator. Hydraulic pump is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump according to structure.

Regarding pressure, the following three concepts are frequently mentioned:

A. working pressure: the actual output pressure of the hydraulic pump is called the working pressure. The working pressure depends on the size of the external load of the hydraulic system and the pressure loss on the oil discharge pipe, and is independent of the flow rate of the hydraulic pump.

B rated pressure: under normal working conditions, the hydraulic pump shall operate continuously at the highest pressure specified in the test standard. normally, the working pressure shall not exceed the rated pressure. General rated pressure will be marked on the nameplate.

C. maximum allowable pressure: under the condition of exceeding the rated pressure, the maximum pressure value that allows the hydraulic pump to operate temporarily according to the test standard. Above this pressure, the leakage of the pump will increase rapidly. The rated pressure shall not exceed the maximum allowable pressure. Once it exceeds, the pump will leak.

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