New World promised to address the game's economic issues
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    • Last updated January 5, 2022
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New World promised to address the game's economic issues

Posted By hazel wu     January 5, 2022    


The AGS team is showing players that they are serious about fixing the most serious issues in their new MMO, including gameplay issues, exploits, and the in-game economy, despite a shaky start to the fourth quarter.

It is planned to release a new version of Update 1.0.5 on November 3, as well as an emergency fix for the Trading Post and other gold transference issues that have arisen recently. Hopefully, these will address some of the more serious bugs and exploits, making the game a more enjoyable experience overall. Just one day later, Amazon Games has released an absolutely massive update outlining their plans to fine-tune and effectively fix the economy of , which is available for download now. The update can be obtained by visiting this page. In a blog development post on the new world gold website, Community Manager 'Luxendra' provided a comprehensive update on the game's most frequently discussed issues and bugs. The post can be found here. Several topics were covered in this post, ranging from more serious issues such as coin farming to more immediate annoyances such as property taxes and images being displayed in the game's chat.

The economy of Aeternum is one of the most important areas that requires updating, and it is arguably the most important of these areas. Something that the developers believe performs at or near acceptable levels of performance is being considered. Players are consistently contributing to a positive gold balance on a daily basis, according to Luxendra. This is a positive development. There is, on the other hand, a downward trend.

Taking action will be necessary if the current trend continues and we get closer to a negative in-out ratio than we currently are. No, we are not aiming to bring this value down to zero or make it impossible for anyone to accumulate wealth in the future. We want to make sure that the overall gold balance on each server remains under control, so coin continues to be important to this process. A number of significant changes are being implemented across a number of different areas related to the game's economy in order to stay ahead of the curve and be proactive about potential problems in the future.

Among other improvements, Trading Posts will be linked across settlements, and players will receive more rewards from Expeditions. These and other changes should all work together to create a more stable, positive, and player-centered economy in the long run. The following are the majority of the fixes:

  • The amount of durability loss caused by PvP deaths has been reduced by 10%

  • It has been decided to extend the housing tax collection periods from 5 days to 7 days without increasing the amount of tax collected

  • There has been a 60% reduction in the cost of attribute respec coins


It is estimated that apiaries will see a 50% reduction in the amount of honey they produce, and cows will see a 65% reduction in the amount of milk they produce. Honeybees, on the other hand, are unaffected by this change in climate. As a result, we made this adjustment because the total amount of milk and honey produced around the world is greater than what we had originally predicted. Neither the bees nor the cows seem to be bothered by the new arrangement.

All of the Trading Posts will be linked together in a network of communication. In order to strengthen the economies of less-traveled regions while also ensuring that items are available in all regions, this change has been implemented.

In contrast to the Settlement itself, the fees for buy and sell orders are defined by the Settlement from which you are posting them, rather than the Settlement itself. Taxes on purchases are determined by the Settlement in which you make the purchase, and they are collected by the federal government. As soon as a sell order expires, the items listed in it are returned to the Settlement where they were originally posted. It will not be possible to place items on the trading post for the next 28 days, due to server maintenance. It is now possible to stay for a maximum of 14 days.



Starting at Starstone Barrows, the amount of coin gained from expedition bosses was increased by 25%, and the amount gained from endgame expeditions was increased by 100% per boss, starting at the beginning of the game and progressing to the end. Each tuning orb now costs fewer coins, and the number of corrupted shards awarded to players for committing minor and major Corrupted Breaches has been increased as a result of these changes. It varies depending on which tier you are playing at, but chip costs have been reduced by 20-50% on average. In the meantime, we're working on fixing a few bugs. Kits for repairing items are available, which should assist crafters in creating new items to sell while also lowering repair costs. There was an issue that prevented attribute perk mods from being used in the crafting of repair kits from occurring, and we were able to resolve it. It was discovered that repair kits were costing coins when they were used, and we were able to resolve the issue. The cost of creating repair kits should be limited to the time spent in the process of creating them.