The Future Development Requirements of Hydraulic Jacks

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The Future Development Requirements of Hydraulic Jacks

Posted By Ming rui     Jan 5    


  Since Britain made the world's first hydraulic press at the end of the 18th century, hydraulic transmission technology has a history of two to three hundred years. Since the 1960s, hydraulic jack technology has developed rapidly with the development of atomic energy, space technology, and computer technology. A series of products such as hydraulic air bottle jacks and hydraulic vehicle positioning jacks have been formed.

  The current hydraulic technology is developing in the direction of rapid, high pressure, high power, high efficiency, low noise, durability, and high integration. At the same time, new hydraulic components and hydraulic system computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided testing (CAT), computer direct control (CDC), mechatronics technology, reliability technology, and other aspects are also the current development and research of hydraulic transmission and control technology. Direction. my country's hydraulic technology was first applied to machine tools and forging equipment, and later used in tractors and construction machinery. Now, with the introduction of some hydraulic components, production technology, and self-designing of hydraulic components from abroad, our country's hydraulic components have now formed a series and have been widely used in various mechanical equipment.

  The main development directions of hydraulic products (hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic wrenches, lifting platforms, hydraulic trolleys, bearing heaters) are:

(1) Save energy consumption and improve work efficiency such as hydraulic jacks

(2) Use an AC motor or variable-frequency motor to drive a quantitative electric oil pump.

(3) Develop mechatronics components and systems.

(4) Develop the direct-acting electro-hydraulic control valve with the pollution resistance of the proportional valve and the high precision and high-frequency response of the servo valve.

(5) Develop electro-hydraulic servo proportional components, solenoid valve electric pumps, hydraulic positioning cylinders, etc. with built-in electronic systems.

(6) Pay attention to environmental protection. Environmentally friendly products will have a competitive advantage. With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, the development of protective hydraulic products will become the mainstream of domestic hydraulic technology in the future.

(7) Meet the needs of the main engine's mechatronics.

(8) Apply modern control technology to improve the performance of the electro-hydraulic automatic control system

(9) Vigorously develop hydraulic systems and components and expand their application areas.

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