Handling of Flannel Fleece Blankets Manufacturers

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Handling of Flannel Fleece Blankets Manufacturers

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     January 10, 2022    


Are Flannel Fleece Blankets Manufacturers' flannel blankets machine washable?

Flannel blankets cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Because flannel contains wool, although most fabrics have undergone shrinkage treatment during the production process, care should be taken to avoid shrinkage when washing. When washing, it is best to choose warm water or cold water. Do not use hot water, because hot water will shorten and harden the wool. The best way to wash is to hand wash with cold water to reduce damage to the fabric.
To clean flannel, use neutral detergent instead of bleach. Because the bleach contains chloride, it will damage the raw materials of the fabric and make the fabric yellow. Secondly, do not wash the flannel by hand with a brush, as it will damage the fluff of the fabric. Excessive force will cause the fluff to fall off. After washing, rinse with clean water, dehydrate and expose in a ventilated place.

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