New World has turned off the creation of characters on all servers

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New World has turned off the creation of characters on all servers

Posted By Justice Little     Jan 19    


We will admit to you honestly that we already have quite writing about New World. Four months of existence on the market, and Next-Gene writing still did not go straight.

Relocate Newest example? Here you are.

After the midnight of the Polish time, Amazon Games turned off the formation of characters on all servers and regions of New World.

If a new gamer bought a copy of NW, he entered the game, this - anyway - he was unable to create his character.

Hey adventurers,

At this time, we stop creating characters on all servers / regions. We will update this thread for additional information when they are available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Amazon did not provide such a decision, but we can guess.

Just like in the case of exclusion of trade in the game, it had to jump out something unexpected, illegal, something that could cause huge damage to the whole world.

Update: After a dozen or so hours (and forced inspection), New WorldOther on the creation of a character. Unfortunately, we still did not know what was the reason for this...

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