5 of the top Christmas and New Year Holiday Destinations of USA

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5 of the top Christmas and New Year Holiday Destinations of USA

Posted By Michelle Genevier     October 5, 2018    


The holiday season is the most beautiful time period where you can rewind your senses and make memories to last for one whole year. All towns of America spring back to life during the mesmerising season of Christmas and New Year. The streets are filled with lights that twinkle at nights; the windows of the showrooms have beautiful displays of the holiday season and the Christmas trees present a breathtaking view. The experts from MyWorldGo have compiled a list of destinations for you to check out during your holiday season.

mcadenville north carolina christmas

1. McAdenville, North Carolina

McAdenville, is a very small town about 20 minutes outside of the beautiful landscape of Charlotte. McAdenville is known to get into the festive spirit of Christmas as the month of December starts approaching that they change the name of their village to “”Christmas Town USA” .As per the reports, more than 500,000 guests visit the Christmas Town USA of North Carolina to gaze at the 400,000 fairy lights that adorn the hamlet. At least 375 trees are lighted to create a route ideal for a winter saunter through the midst of McAdenville’s downtown. The most favourite spots of visitors are the nearby lake, where 33 trees perfectly line the perimeter. The reflection of the trees in the water creates an environment that is unforgettable. You shouldn’t miss the town’s fountain which features a jet of water that is pushed up to 75 feet and is lit with vivacious colours.

Bernville, Pennsylvania

2. Bernville, Pennsylvania

If you want a destination that fits into your dream of a perfect destination, then head straight to Pennsylvania. It is in the truest sense a one-stop Christmas destination. The Koziar’s Christmas Village  has been long known for its thriving traditions since the year of 1948. It soon became a regional hotspot for the group of families and friends. The Christmas town invites crowd from far away regions by luring them to gawk at the light displays of a million lights. You can visit the miniature cottages and shops. The little ones will be excited to meet with Mr. Claus.

Image result for ogden utah christmas

3. Ogden, Utah

Northern Utah has its own special downtown Christmas village at Ogden that has country’s greatest railway hub. They stage a winter wonderland each year during the holiday season, which depicts the North Pole village of Santa with miniature cottages. The elf sized cottages are 59 in number with each cottage having its own theme like Santa’s Castle, the Grinch and Elf workshop. It is a ride full of fun and frolic for the kids and adults alike. The major attraction of the Ogden is the Polar Express Train. It can be ridden, free of cost. You are bound to enjoy the glow in dark tunnel which has paintings of
the holiday seasons. You can also have a look at the museums at the railway station for some added adventure.

Image result for branson missouri christmas

4. Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri is widely known as the Ozark Mountain Christmas. You can’t go wrong by selecting Branson because nobody does it better when it comes to Christmas spirit. Branson is famous for its quick transformation overnight as the city puts its best feet forward for the celebration of brightest Christmas you may ever have seen. You will be bowled over to witness the historic downtown shopping centres on the Main Street, which has colourful street lights neatly wrapped in garlands as the lights along the way flickers on the trees. Major attraction here will be the Live Music Show Capital of the
World, Branson. They are known worldwide to incorporate the traditional music of the holiday season and the evergreen snow.

Image result for zoar ohio christmas

5. Zoar, Ohio

Zoar is a small town in Ohio with the meagre population of 169. It is located about 40 miles south of Akron. You can celebrate an old fashioned Christmas here with your family and kids by visiting historic homes and famous landmarks. These places are decorated especially for the Christmas season. You can also learn how to the local artisans produce novelties the old fashioned way. You can also opt for a walking tour of this historic town where you can get acquainted with the rich history of the town. At Canton’s Classic Car Museum, you can enjoy the rare collection of automobile of 45 antique
cars that are on display here.

Wherever you head to but ensure the safety and comfort of your family. MyWorldGo wishes you a pleasant holiday season. You can check out this space for more articles related to the holiday season.


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