The most expected dungeon in WoW Classic - Dire Maul opened
    • Last updated January 8, 2020
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The most expected dungeon in WoW Classic - Dire Maul opened

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     January 8, 2020    


The WoW Classic has undergone an additional phase update as Blizzard had expected, adding many new content. The Dire Maul, which players are most concerned with, is actually available. Not only that, though the Paladin and Warlock players have ushered in a very new epic mount.

Dire Maul may be the largest and a lot complex dungeon from the WoW Classic. It is probably the game's end-game content. Only players that has a level of 54 to 60 along with a certain equipment base considered to challenge it. The land is divided into three wings, players can decide any one in the World of Warcraft Classic Gold lines and take care of a specific task, thus getting a variety of rewards as well as a large number of loot. By the way, for anybody who is interested to get cheap WOW Classic Gold, stay tuned for more in for more at ZZWOW.

Like vanilla World of Warcraft over a decade ago, tribal or league players above level 54 will go directly to Dire Maul's East Wing, where players should fight the demons. When the player successfully defeats your head of the area, Pusillin, you can find the special item Crescent Keys. Players will use this item to get into the North and West Wing areas. In fact, even though you don't have Crescent Keys, you can get the complete Dire Maul dungeon throughout the thief's unlocking ability, a Large Seaforium Charge explosive, plus a Truesilver Skeleton Key.

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The final boss from the dungeon is King Gordok. Players should defeat the Gordok House of Lords guard Mol'dar and find the Gordok Inner Door Key to open the gate and defeat him, gaining generous rewards and rare gear.

In this update, in conjunction with Dire Maul, there's also epic mounts for warlocks and paladins. The Warlock's mission reward could be the Dreadsteed of Xoroth epic mount, and also the Paladin has the Charger epic mount after completing the mission. The subsequent epic mount missions for other professions will likely be opened. But I assume that the Dire Maul dungeon is sufficient to attract your attention. During the time prior to the next update, all WoW Classic players will pay out most of their WOW Classic Gold time for this dungeon and acquire a great boost.

The initial update to Wow Classic is obtainable for download today, adding one on the more intricate dungeons from World of Warcraft's distant past. Find out how Blizzard intends to launch the "next phase" of WoW Classic in 2020.