Do not touch volatile products

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Do not touch volatile products

Posted By mi le     January 9, 2020    


The main material of Acrylic glass swimming pool is acrylic. This article mainly introduces acrylic highly integrated swimming pool for children, which can be used in families and children's swimming pools.

The product is highly integrated and does not need a separate machine room or platform for drainage. Made of 15mm acrylic imported from Germany. A simple acrylic swimming pool for children is made by heating, softening and pumping acrylic plates, which are only a few millimeters thick in the corners, and then used. The resin is reinforced. Due to the aging of the resin, acrylic panels are prone to cracking, resulting in water leakage.

The swimming pool solves a series of problems such as low integration level of the combined swimming pool for children, the need for separate heating equipment, water quality not meeting the requirements, water leakage, the need for a platform for drainage, increased floor load, high risks and the like.

1. When installing acrylic baby swimming pool for launching, glass glue must be used. If glass glue is adhered to baby swimming pool accidentally, it must not be wiped with cloth, otherwise it is more difficult to remove and cannot be wiped with hard objects, which will lead to acrylic surface trauma. After the glass glue dries, it should be directly removed.

2. Acrylic baby swimming pool cannot test water within 24 hours after glass glue is applied, otherwise water leakage will occur.

3. The principle of putting cold water before hot water should be followed. It should not be used in an environment above 80 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is exceeded, acrylic baby swimming pool will deform.

4. When cleaning acrylic baby swimming pool, do not wipe the acrylic surface with hard objects or abrasive cloth, otherwise slight hard injuries will be caused.

5. Do not contact volatile products, such as paint and thinner, otherwise the surface will soften or dissolve easily, resulting in cracks and other phenomena.

6. Do not wipe with detergent powder. Detergent powder can corrode acrylic to some extent. Doing so will reduce the gloss effect of acrylic.

7. The hardness of acrylic is equivalent to that of aluminum. In case of hard injury, the surface shall be polished with extremely fine polishing paper and painted by car.

8. Disinfectants are prohibited because they are corrosive. Long-term use of disinfectants will reduce the gloss effect of acrylics and avoid using disinfectants for one-time swimming.

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