10 Brutal lies About Shrooms Canada

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10 Brutal lies About Shrooms Canada

Posted By fantasy shrooms     Feb 18    


How to determine if a mushroom is edible or not

How to distinguish edible mushrooms from inedible ones? After all, almost everyone knows boletus, but rare and unusual specimens shrooms canada are found in the forest. There are many ways.

Mushrooms pluses photo and description

For example, in my childhood I had an interesting encyclopedia with pictures and descriptions, plus I always went to the forest with experienced mushroom pickers. By the way, this is the best idea to take with you to the forest, a person who understands mushroom matters.

A few general tips:

-Take a closer look if you saw worms in at least one mushroom from the mycelium, they are edible.
-Tubular species are easier to distinguish from twins.
-Learn the colors, white and greenish often indicate a poisonous lookalike.
-Do not taste mushrooms, they are not always shrooms canada bitter, for example pale grebe, a little sweet. Such an experiment can result in poisoning.
-On false and poisonous twins, a skirt is often found.
-These are just a few of the signs. Basically, each pair of twins has its own differences. You should pay attention to the frequency of the plates at the bottom of the cap, attachment to the stem, color, pulp when cut, the presence of rings. Below you will find a photo and the name of edible mushrooms with a short description.