Penis Envy Mushrooms Guide To Communicating Value

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Penis Envy Mushrooms Guide To Communicating Value

Posted By fantasy shrooms     February 18, 2022    


1.They have mystical properties. Mushrooms are credited with many magical abilities, so they are often found in fairy tales and legends.

2. Dream Interpretations also use the symbolism of mushrooms. They may dream if you are in a hurry to get rich, toadstools will penis envy mushrooms warn you about the deceit of friends, a mushroom received as a gift speaks of a false accusation. To believe such dreams or not is up to you.

3. On the record. A 140-kilogram mushroom was found in America, and the largest mycelium weighed about two hundred tons.

4. China leads in the number of grown mushrooms. It accounts for two-thirds of the market for cultivated mushrooms.

5. Not only dust. In any room there is not only a suspension of dust, but also fungal spores.

6. ​​Spore thrower. Fungi reproduce by spores. Some species are able to scatter spores over very long distances. Well, mushrooms do not skimp on the number of spores thrown out. If a champignon throws out forty million spores, then a raincoat mushroom - more than seven trillion at a distance of three meters and at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

7. Serve as food for wild animals. He is well versed in the mushroom kingdom of squirrel: he uses more than 40 species, but most of all he loves boletus and boletus.

8. For a sober lifestyle. The fungus dung beetle causes poisoning in a person who has consumed alcohol. If you did not drink, then the mushroom will not apply its poisonous qualities to you.

9. Optical illusions. In the tundra, trees grow no higher than 30 centimeters. Due to the peculiarity of the soil, they have nowhere to develop penis envy mushrooms the root system. But mushrooms grow, on the contrary, very tall. You can feel a little like Alice in Wonderland. The height of the mushrooms was especially appreciated by the deer, who easily pluck and eat their hats.

0. Impersonate someone else. Some poisonous mushrooms take on the appearance of edible mushrooms, so there are false white and false mushrooms.