How To Choose a Blanket? Listen To The Analysis The Blanket Supplier Gave You

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How To Choose a Blanket? Listen To The Analysis The Blanket Supplier Gave You

Posted By jishun changshu     February 22, 2022    


   Blankets are relatively thinner than ordinary quilts, and their raw materials, blanket weaving methods, and density are important indicators that affect their thermal insulation. The general thermal insulation comparisons are cashmere blankets, wool blankets, and chemical fiber fabric blankets. About those things about blankets, blanket suppliers can give you a rough idea.

  Cashmere and wool blankets

  Cashmere grows on goats and wool grows on sheep. Cashmere has a higher curling degree and is more fluffy. Compared with wool, it has better thermal insulation properties. But pay attention to try not to wash, do not expose to the sun, if there is dirt, it should be sent to a dry cleaner for cleaning.

  The raw material of the Raschel blanket is acrylic fiber (chemical fiber fabric), which is made of fabric by the Raschel warp knitting machine. The weave is tight, the finished suede is fluffy and soft, and the color changes are rich through the printing process. At the same time, acrylic fabric, commonly known as artificial wool, is the most similar blanket to wool. Its warmth retention is comparable to wool, and the price is slightly more expensive.

   Coral fleece and flannel blankets

   The raw material of coral fleece is generally polyester (chemical fiber fabric), which is prone to static electricity in winter, easy to deform or even lose hair after frequent washing, and the price is relatively affordable. Flannel fabrics are usually woolen fabrics, which can be mixed with wool through a loose fiber dyeing process to form a blanket with better texture, comfort, warmth, and decorative effect. How to choose this depends on the individual choice.

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