Features of caring for shoes in winter

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Features of caring for shoes in winter

Posted By shop belart     March 1, 2022    


Having walked through the winter porridge on the roads, we come home, take off the boots (pressing the heel of the other with one foot, right?), We sadly note that they got wet and ... put them on the radiator to dry.

Yes, the shoes will dry out over and over again until spring, but next season you are unlikely to flaunt your favorite jordan 4 metallic red Skechers and Timberlands, because they will look very shabby.

Modern shoes are very capricious and sensitive to the chemistry that covers the streets during the cold period. If you want to keep an expensive thing in every sense, take care of it carefully and with love.

It's important to know
  • start saving freshly bought shoes immediately after the store - get an electric dryer (preferably ultraviolet, for disinfection) and a water repellent, such as Solemate SHIELD . Use them every day to avoid the appearance of fungus and salt stains;
  • forget about drying on heating appliances: any material does not withstand such a temperature test well and shrinks and cracks over time;
  • try to use deodorant for shoes - synthetics, from which socks and tights are made, do not add freshness to the feet during the day. The right choice would be Solemate BREATHE.
  • two or three pairs for one season is not a luxury, but a necessity! Natural skin of any type needs a day, or even two, to “rest” and dry properly;
  • try to avoid flooded areas. Not a single water-repellent impregnation will cope with the consequences of walking through deep puddles;
  • do not wash shoes under running water, trying to get rid of salt stains. Use special shampoos and foam - they are different for each material.

Stylish pile leather (nubuck, suede) is very delicate. Any exposure to the weather is instantly reflected on it in the form of spots, streaks and scuffs. Use natural bristle brushes or polyurethane foam brushes to clean your favorite boots and boots.

There are special cleaners for suede, impregnations with natural waxes and oils, and even paint - for later, when necessary. By the way, you can remove salt stains from suede by holding the boots over the steam and brushing them against the pile and vice versa.

Practically smooth skin still requires cleaning, nutrition and protection. The space is almost unlimited: cleansing wipes, special creams, water and dirt-repellent sprays. The latter solve two tasks at once: they provide food and care.

Favorite winter sneakers can be washed with shampoo specially designed for them . The main thing is that natural ingredients are jordan 4 metallic red present in the composition of the products, since silicone freezes in the cold, clogs pores and spoils the skin.

If salt stains are not removed, dilute the vinegar with water in a ratio of 3: 1, respectively, and wipe the crosses with a clean cloth soaked in this solution.