Is My Website ADA Compliant? How To Check And Update Your Site
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    • Last updated March 7, 2022
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Is My Website ADA Compliant? How To Check And Update Your Site

Posted By adacompliancepros adacompliancepros     March 7, 2022    


Website Accessibility ADA and the Rise in ADA Lawsuits

Thinking about your website’s ADA compliance? That’s great thinking because this is an issue that is making many businesses and organizations spend colossal amounts of money on paying exorbitant legal fees and lawsuit fines for having websites that fail to meet website ADA compliance.


Did you know that in the year 2021, there was a 30% rise in the number of lawsuits filed against websites that failed to meet the website accessibility standards? Why would you just sit back and wait for the same catastrophe to befall you, especially now that you know website ADA compliance is law?


How to Check Your Website Accessibility ADA

You don’t have to wait to know the status of your website’s ADA compliance. You can take it upon yourself to check through every section of your website to see whether it complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), namely, the technical specifications, the functional requirements, and the security of the deployments.


Most essentially, probe whether people with disabilities can complete the core tasks that the applications that you have used on the website provide when they’re using such applications. A good question to help you probe would be, “Does this deliver an experience that is accessible to people with disabilities?”


After you've finished reviewing your website, you may go to the second stage of determining the website's ADA compliance status by using a free ADA Website Compliance Checker. This is a website accessibility tool that many people have used and gotten instant ADA reports, right in their inbox.


Of course, there are several online ADA compliance-testing tools available, but you must be mindful of your site's ADA compliance issues as well as your budget. You should also be aware that if you utilize web-based tools to verify a site for ADA compliance, you should not anticipate 100 percent accuracy because most of them will only provide up to 30 percent accuracy.


Conducting a manual audit of your website is the most reliable approach to ensure that it complies with the website accessibility ADA. Indeed, while the different website accessibility checker online services offer you with an idea about the website's ADA compliance, only a manual audit of the website can clear up any ambiguities regarding the ADA compliance testing.


Professional and certified ADA auditors verify each page of the website during a manual audit to ensure that nothing that might compromise the site's ADA compliance is ignored. The auditors’ overarching purpose is generally to make the website accessible. Color contrast, screen reader friendliness, readability, alternative text, keyboard accessibility, links, menus, and the appropriateness of prompts and labels are all checked for compliance with WCAG as the guide.


Updating Your Website Accessibility ADA

Once you receive the manual audit report of the website accessibility test for your website, you can embark on updating the site by correcting the areas that fail the website's ADA compliance test. This will ultimately result in a website that is ADA compliant.


As you can see, the entire process of converting your website to ADA compliance is based on the WCAG. You'll require assistance. When selecting a professional to assist you with manual auditing and/or upgrading of your website, search for individuals that are qualified and have relevant expertise. The ADA Compliance Pros are a safe bet.