China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Widely Use Injection Molding

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China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Widely Use Injection Molding

Posted By preform nicole     October 10, 2018    


1) Flexibility.
In addition to precise production processes, plastic injection molding is also a flexible process. What we mean is that it is easy to change the type of China Pet Bottle being produced and the color of the product.
2) Ideal for creating high-strength components.
A cold benefit of plastic injection molding is the ability to add filler to the part during processing, reducing the density of the liquid plastic while increasing the strength of the finished part. Plastic injection molding is the ideal process for parts that require a strong industrial or product
3) Smooth finished appearance.
Plastic injection molding is a process in which, in most cases, the parts produced require little or no final processing. This is because all the parts coming out of the mold are closest to the finished product. Yes, the surface finish is really good! Going back to the third benefit on this list, here is another example of how injection molding can create low labor costs.
4) Co-injection molding.
The injection molding machine is capable of processing two or more different plastics simultaneously.
5) In the long run, it is cheaper than plastic processing.
The initial production of the mold can be expensive and costs only a few thousand dollars. But once the mold is manufactured, you can make a lot of plastic parts at the lowest cost. For this reason, mass production using plastic processing may be 25 times more expensive than plastic injection molding.
6) It is widely used.
Plastic injection molding is one of the most popular plastic production processes. Look around – you will definitely see a lot of products that may be manufactured through this process.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional China Plastic Handle Manufacturers. If you come to our factory for a field trip, I believe you can see our professionalism and focus on plastic injection molding. Choose us, I believe you will never regrettable!