Top 3 Benefits Of Using A Queue Management Software

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Top 3 Benefits Of Using A Queue Management Software

Posted By Digital Mortar     March 11, 2022    


If you are a business owner then you may be aware that there are peak hours in the day when a lot of customers arrive at your business. However, your staff may not be well prepared to deal with all of them. Long lines can result in customer dissatisfaction and can cause you to lose loyal customers in the long run. No business owner wants the most essential part of the customer journey – the purchase – to be one of friction. So, to get rid of this issue, you can get queue management solutions from a trustworthy company. This can help you better manage your staffing and queues in real time so you can improve revenue and customer satisfaction.

However, if you are still not sure about getting queue management solutions then we can help you. We have listed down a few benefits of using queue management software.

Real time view.Knowing your exact line length(s) – right now – at all registers and business locations can enable you or your on-location managers to make intelligent decisions even if they are in offices or away from the queueing area.

Alerting. Push notification alerting for managers or associates at predefined queue length thresholds allows for businesses to easily implement queue length mitigation strategies. Say your goal is for a queue to never exceed 3 customers – having an alert to open up a new register when the 4th customer enters a line can make that process automated.

Historical analytics. Detailed historical data of peak queue occupancy and wait times can help business optimize their staffing models. Costs can be reduced through recognition of times when a business is overstaffed while better staffing at peak times can mitigate issues before they occur. The overall success of a que management program can also be tracked and trended over time to see if customer wait times are improving.


Customer view. Some businesses may want to publish their current and/or forecasted queue length on their web site, app or digital signage so that customers can make informed choices about when they should visit the business. Good queue management solutions can deliver that capability out of the box so that with a simple copy and paste you have real-time queue data published on your web site or any other digital asset.

If you are looking for queue management software then you can contact Digital Mortar. They provide best in class hardware and software that deliver powerful, flexible but simple queue management. To see the product and request a demo visit the Digital Mortar website.

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