Real Time Store Tracking

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Real Time Store Tracking

Posted By Digital Mortar     March 22, 2022    


Have you ever wanted to levitate above your store or any type of physical location so that, in real time, you could see where every customer and associate is located – and then pivot associates to be in the most advantageous position to maximize revenue, customer satisfaction and efficiency? That’s possible today.

Digital Mortar has released a real time occupancy tracking module to their existing industry leading retail store customer tracking software that allows retailers to see a bird’s-eye real-time view of the store. The solution is fully anonymized, GDPR compliant and compatible with any store layout ranging from a small mall footprint to multi-floor big box/department stores.

The software can give managers or executives, who are in backroom offices or offsite entirely, the ability to manage as though they are in all places at once. The software can trigger automated notifications when any number of occupancy, wait time and customer to associate ratio thresholds are exceeded for anywhere in the store. Some possibilities for this callability include –

• Queue Management

Monitor line lengths and determine if additional registers/queues should be opened or closed.

• Associate Placement Adjustments

Detect if an area of the store has a high customer to associate ratio and pivot associates from an empty area to help out.

• High Value Merchandise

When a customer enters a high value merchandise area or exceeds a shop time threshold, send an associate to go help them and maximize the likelihood of a conversion.

Retailers, mall operators, stadiums arenas, airports, warehouses, transit hubs and more can all take advantage of this technology for their specific real time needs and use cases. The Digital Mortar in store tracking platform is flexible and webhooks can be used to embed the real time capabilities into client applications or displays.

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