You'll be able to see your playoff performance within My Career,

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You'll be able to see your playoff performance within My Career,

Posted By Wuyunyun Wuyunyun     March 13, 2022    


Lack of matchmaking in park. The players shouldn't have to NBA 2K22 MT Buy play for hours on My Career, or to pay for good online experiences. Anyone who has done this before shouldn't wait for long to take part in. The ranking system must be comparable to other games, like gold, silver, and bronze to ensure fair matchmaking across all kinds of games.

The build system. Personally, I believe that pie charts that are custom made are the most efficient and most flexible method. It will allow us to expand on what we already have, not to just add 3pt and dunk attributes into every build in the future versions.

Whatever job you're playing, the number of badges your build gets will be affected by the position you play. It is important to distribute your attributes in the same manner. This will guarantee that you will receive the same number of badges regardless of whether or not you choose a center or a point guard. The position you choose should be determined after you've distributed your attributes and decided to take over, and be completely separate from that process. In addition, you should be allowed to choose a secondary place so that you aren't compelled to play where you don't want to in Rec or My Career.

Remove the +1 to all attributes after 99 thing and give us higher attribute caps on all builds. The ratings shown in the build creator should be exactly what we're capable of getting. It's not necessary to receive more than you are able to handle. It's so annoying to try and maintain these ratings online, that it is absurd to even exist.

Let us create an open draft lottery, create drafts for future seasons on My Career, and select specific draft classes like in My League. We can choose if we want to be drafted by an undetermined team or not. Improve the grades of teammates. It is possible to have a terrible game and still receive an A+. This is absurd. It is possible, although I am not certain if it still occurs, to earn the teammate's grade in 2k20. It's not logical.

Badges are meant to complement a build and not to define it. If they're going to be significant, then more details should be provided in the game at every level of the badge, including the numbers in raw form, not just an uninformed description. The face scanner isn't working for me, and has me looking like a damn fool. I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this issue LOL.

You'll be able to mt for sale see your playoff performance within My Career, even if you are not playing in the playoffs. There's plenty more I could talk about but is all that comes to mind.


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