I picked that afterward, and I chose it, her response.is heartwarming.

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I picked that afterward, and I chose it, her response.is heartwarming.

Posted By Wuyunyun Wuyunyun     April 1, 2022    


I said nothing originally and again today once I replayed it, you can do this three times while she vents into you I did every single time till I managed to NBA 2K22 MT say something else. I opted to say nothing, she's not really asking for a response, she's asking herself. was said by me. Then she says,"I just.I don't know what came over me." She is trying to understand. Cave goblins, like herself, are, in this scenario, she couldn't control himself. Zanik says,"I had been so mad. I meanhe was hoping to kill the kids! All I could think of was that he was attempting to kill the children and that he deserved to perish, and the council wouldn't do it."

She's trying to justify herself.and it's reasonable but the council left their pick. This is only one of my preferred choices that I get to choose. You can say,"No the council was right","Yes, you're right" or my favorite option. When you select that Zanik agrees that you are right. She voiced that she wishes she had not done it. After that, you can ask her"Do you wish he was alive nevertheless","Would you wish I had murdered him?","Would you wish the council killed him?" OR:"You've killed H.A.M members before." I picked this because I needed to understand her guilt.

She informs you, it was about survival those instances, it was them or her. Subsequently she notes:"This time, he'd been captured. He was helpless. It is totally different. I wish I hadn't done it." LIKE WHAT? Is Zanik not anyones' character? He was actively trying to ruin her people, her activities are almost justified, but SHE realized.on her own maybe with her best friend beside her, she had been wrong. Dead regrets it instantly and wrong. You then could as her.what would you wish had occurred as a new alternative, I picked that afterward, and I chose it, her response.is heartwarming.