The airless spraying machine forms a fan-shaped mist of paint

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The airless spraying machine forms a fan-shaped mist of paint

Posted By luxi tools     February 24, 2020    


Today, Hongyi Hydraulic introduced the main performance of high-pressure airless paint sprayer in environmental protection. High-pressure airless spraying is a relatively advanced spraying method. It uses a booster pump to increase the paint to high pressure and sprays it through very fine spray holes to form a fan-shaped mist.

When spraying large plate parts, it can exceed 3-5M3/min and can spray thicker coating. Due to the fact that no air is mixed in the coating and the higher coating transfer efficiency and production efficiency, dense coating is formed on the wall and metal surface, thus the surface quality of airless spraying body is obviously better than that of air spraying.

People in the professional coating industry all know that if an object needs to be treated or sprayed, it needs to go through many processes, especially the surface of the object. Special attention should be paid when selecting the coating. The quality of the coating also affects the service life of the object, so it is necessary to spray on its surface.

Many spraying machines will spray a kind of mist of paint when spraying. In fact, the mist has caused certain pollution to the environment around us. It is recommended that you use a high-pressure airless spraying machine when choosing a spraying machine, so that no mist will be discharged during spraying, and it is also very environmentally friendly.

I hope this article can be helpful for professionals in the painting industry. For more product details, please contact us:China spray gun.