Scope of application of electrostatic spraying equipment
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Scope of application of electrostatic spraying equipment

Posted By luxi tools     March 15, 2020    


With the rapid development of electrostatic spray gun, it has been widely used in all walks of life.

To realize electrostatic spraying, it must be ensured that the coating and the coated object must be conductors.

The resistance value and viscosity of the coating must be within the appropriate range.

1. Metal protection and metal surface coating.

2. Wood surface painting.

3. Plastic surface coating.

4. Electroplating protection.

5. Aerospace industry.

6. Vehicle components.

Electrostatic spraying equipment manufacturers using electrostatic spray gun spraying can greatly improve the painting rate of coated objects and reduce paint waste. No matter from the perspective of saving paint, saving man-hours and improving the working conditions of painting workers, or from the perspective of improving coating quality and environmental protection, electrostatic spray gun spraying technology has ensured its important position.

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